Web Finder Web Finder helps you find links and controls in any web page, allowing you to navigate the web faster than ever before. As you type text, use the mouse and navigate through your applications, ZoomText narrates and confirms each of your actions. Windows Vista Logon Support Provides essential magnification and screen reading support when logging in Windows Vista. ZoomText has a brand new toolbar with a fresh clean look. Each of these verbosity levels can be fully customized according to your personal needs. Finder lets you search and skim through documents, web pages and email to instantly find any word or phrase you are looking for. ZoomText offers a more complete set of features for people who suffer from visual impairments or those who simply need magnification to alleviate the strains of extended computer usage.

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Please ignore this spam prevention link No bots please. Easy to See Flexible 1x to 36x Magnification Full range of magnification levels up to 36x.

Dual Monitor Support Use two monitors to expand your magnified viewing area, or use the second monitor to share zoomtext 9.1 magnified or unmagnified view of your desktop with another person or group.

Can I choose a voice for Background Reader to use? I actually work in the marketing department for Ai Squared, the makers of ZoomText, and zoomttext to let you know that ZT9. Not at zoomtext 9.1 time, but we have added this suggestion is in the feature request list. Text Finder Text Finder helps you locate words, phrases and topics of interest in documents, web pages, and application windows. Innovative color controls improve screen clarity and reduce eyestrain.


ZoomText and Windows 7 – Northern Protocol Inc.

ZoomText reads any web page, in the proper reading order. Special locators make it easier to follow the mouse pointer and text cursor as they move across the screen. It no longer crashed on videos, despite the zoom settings. Nope, Background Reader reads long documents just fine. Application Settings Application Settings Save unique zoomtext 9.1 for each application that you use. Save unique settings for each application that you zokmtext.

ZoomText 9.1 Magnifier/Reader – Discontinued

Minimum System Requirements expand Click to collapse. You will have over 70 premium-quality voices for the most commonly spoken languages and dialects from around the world to choose from. While the new magnifier in Windows 7 is an improvement from past technologies, its feature zoomtext 9.1 and capabilities are still far below those of Zoomtexr. The DocReader screen occupies the entire display with a toolbar at the top of the screen and the document text below it.

Standard Magnification xFont Magnification. Even on 32 bit Windows 7, while it will appear to run you will experience intermittent lock ups locking of the screen, crashing, cursor disappears, etc.

ZoomText 9.1 Magnifier – Discontinued

DocReader can automatically read through an entire zoomtext 9.1, or you can manually read by word, line, sentence or paragraph. You can choose to have individual keys, words, or both spoken. Focus Enhancements Makes it easy to locate and follow the control focus when you navigate through application menus, dialogs and other application controls. So sit back, relax your eyes, and just listen.


Special effects include color dyes, two-color zoomtext 9.1 and replacement of problem colors. Contact us at Watch the video of ZoomText Recorder in action. As each window or control becomes active, program echo announces its name and description, so you always know where you are and what choices are available.

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Zoomtext 9.1 your applications and scrolling the view is always smooth and comfortable. With simple commands you can read by character, word, line, sentence and paragraph, zoomtexf while selecting text. As you enter and zoomtect AppReader your view of the document does not change, providing quick and seamless transitions between document editing and reading.

As you open and switch applications, zones zoomtext 9.1 for the active application are automatically loaded and ready to use. Each of these tools has unique characteristics that lend themselves to particular reading tasks. All Ages ZoomText 9. Locating what you are looking for is easier than ever with the new Finder Tool. After a fair amount of testing we found the problems to go away.