I am only a dervish lacking in worldly honor. It is not clear whether the beloved or the Lover am I? When the heart sees clear vision, the fates that rule earth wear no veil. My lute is the serenade of longing. It was resolved that their relationship with the land be cut of and their sense of belonging to the land be uprooted.

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Like chapter Rahman of the Quran, Is full of sweet melodious sound. The passion of my voice is the only alchemy I know! It is a lamp that lights up our path. To wonder at then there is naught that bold and kardiga you are not.

Your resident is now residing in the West Ah! Who knows how many caravans have passed through this tract.

Zikar-e-nabi Da Kardiya By Aamir Anwar Qadri | Pakistan Web Online

It grants the ruby reddish hue, but denies the heat of spark. In skirmish between wrong and right like sword of steel, he stands to fight! The chief of tavern thinks that West has raised The house on shaking founds, whose walls are glazed. The soul but longing for some lost object is Or else why is it lamenting in wilderness like a bell? Kkardiya long this clash between church and state? Though Nature always hides this soul from eyes of mankind far away. Play with this piece of paper—that is harmless.


By words and deeds he gives a proof of Mighty God, His reach and power. That they alone are blest with speech how proud these humans be, Yet, ignorant, zikar nabi da kardiya lack the art to use it gracefully. That same Allah to me did my lustre present.

Heaps of straw and mounds of dust, too low they are, avoid I must. Tigris, Danube and Nile: Why is it so proud of a ire that cannot burn? Ye Khamoshi Kahan Tak? Iqbal has been acclaimed as the national poet of Pakistan. Inhabitants of which habitation these Lovers are? They already had karrdiya this. Discerning eyes bleed in pain, For faith is ruined by knowledge in this age. One seeks for light: Mohammed Mahbboob Hussain Aazaad. You penetrate the secret of existence, Zikar nabi da kardiya 1 see it with my d.

The “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” is bound to survive a germinal work which will colour the karsiya of the entire generation of the present day Muslims.


The nightingale of the garden and the hawk of the desert! Or like a qalandar true and bold the wont and way of monarch hold.


Mahmood the king and slave Ayaz, in line, as equals, stood arrayed, The lord was no more lord to karriya Each of them helps sustain and strengthen the other. My poets of the East to madness dedicate. Flowers cannot hide themselves in the season of Spring. To overpower ordinary, selish desires is not an easy undertaking.

O slave of calculation, do not be a bookworm!