One useful example for a smart folder could be one that will always show the newly added bookmarks regardless where they are located , by defining a rule which selects all bookmarks created in the last 2 weeks. En los ajustes de Red hay un nuevo ajuste para realizar descargas en segundo plano solamente via WLAN. The Tabs window with the large thumbnail preview images can be also controlled with a bluetooth keyboard. These issues should no longer occur. The standard “Download” item is still available and will just use the file name that is suggested by the web page. So controlling iCab Mobile from the watch is only possible if a user is currently logged in, who has allowed remote control via watch.

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This mode can be activated via “Action” menu or via icon from the toolbar. Fixes a crash under iOS 8. This did only work when editing existing bookmarks. Solves an issue with automatically filling out forms when a web site splits the login into two forms one for the name and one for the ising and changes the type for the “name” field between these two forms Bugfix: Behebt ein Problem welches nur unter iOS 8.

Wikipedia pages or links yotube be opened in the Wikilinks App via action menu or contextual menu. Al navegar en una carpeta de la ventana de bookmarks en el iPhone una barra de herramientas era brevemente visible en la parte inferior de la ventana.


How to Download YouTube Video on iPad

Much easier it is to just use the icon for the dark mode in the browser toolbar: Dateien die in das Downloads-Fenster geschoben werden, werden dort gespeichert. In the contextual menu for the tabs toolbar there are two new options available: This makes it easier to edit the file name and keeping the file extension untouched.

Configuring the toolbar icons and the action and contextual menus is more comfortable now. New Module added which can be used to set another virtual screen size.

How to Download YouTube Video on iPad – Snapguide

When opening all bookmarks from a usingg folder at once, iCab displays the number of bookmarks, but did also count the separator items. This way you can trigger both searches with just one icon.

Active 2 years, 5 months ago. Long-press on the “Twin Browser” icon to pick the orientation. Hier gebe ich viele Tipps bzgl.

iCab Mobile – Web Browser

Neue Buttons erlaben nun Icons bzw. Der alte Firefox Sync 1.

If you can view the video in the browser, you can download it. Der Standard-Modus setzt den Hintergrund auf schwarz und nutzt einen hellen Text, man kann aber auch die Seite nur abdunkeln, in Sepia oder Graustufen anzeigen lassen, oder auch invertieren.

iCab Mobile – The Internet Taxi for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Behebt einen Absturz unter iOS 7 Bugfix: Option to pick the web engine and other improvements. So if you enable the dark mode in the iOS, the user interface of iCab Mobile will automatically use the dark mode as well. Es gibt einen neuen “Lesemodus”, welcher anstelle von Instapaper-Mobilzer oder Readabilty genutzt werden kann. Kleine Anpassungen an iOS Solves an issue of iOS 12 related to preserving the meta data in photos when saving them into the album Bugfix: These files will be listed in iCab Mobile in the “local files” view.


Mobilw the question-asking experience. It is now possible to open modules via keyboard shortcuts Bluetooth keyboards It is now possible to open URLs via keyboard shortcuts Bluetooth keyboards Better support for changing the text size in the Accessibility settings of the iOS. Deleting items of the suggestions while entering URLs or search terms could result in a crash Version 9.

Fixes an issue with the classic Web Engine when switching user accounts if there were an extremly large number of files in the web storage mobkle cache Version 9. In the contextual menu for a file of the download manager there’s a new item “Information”.

El antiguo firefox sync 1.