Yeah, those looking for metal here are going to be seriously bummed; there’s a few blasts around the place, there’s maybe one or two actual doom riffs. Elastic Australian post-punk with a heavy, and welcome, Dischord influence. The same can be said about most of the tracks, but the what separates Year of No Light from the heavier post rock bands like Gifts from Enloa lies in the almost funeral doomesque guitar work. The album is entirely instrumental, as many post-metal and drone doom bands tend toward vocal minimalism. Never the less, Year of No Light’s “Ausserwelt” does a spectacular job of demonstrating exactly what the genre name implies. Gives me goosebumps every time while listening. Pummeling doom from this Italian group dusted with heady psychedelia for songs that are brutal and trippy at once.

year of no light ausserwelt

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Or browse results titled:. Very healthily doomy, with a post what-have-you attitude. Ultimately I really, really enjoyed this record precisely for what it is- a loud, constant wall of effect pedals, pounding drums and a venus-dense atmosphere.

It was great in theory, but the execution was always fairly shit. Persephone II’s a good enough description of the general YoNL approach; the dudes get a bunch of the most epic post-rock climaxes they can write and on throw them yer into one long, occaisonally pretty, occaisonally harrowing, always very noisy mix.

When it comes to the “post-” styles of music, I’ve strangely never been able to get into the subset that merges with my favorite genre, metal.

Year of No Light – Ausserwelt – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The results are as good as you might expect. True, these guys don’t do “melodic” at all well but maybe that’s not their intent, the aim instead being to fully immerse gear in a vast and sprawling soundscape panorama that lifts them onto another plane of consciousness and existence that would otherwise remain out of reach on the material plane.


Only barely metal though. Devil Electric by Devil Electric. Probably the most impressive aspect of the album is the absolutely massive sound that the tracks have: Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums od artists from Why fix what isn’t broken?

No Beyond by Bound. For those familiar with the more ambient or cinematic aspects of the instrumental metal scene, Ausserwelt will be of a familiar style from the very beginning of the album, without seeming derivative of others within their genre. Still, if you wish there was a bit more Tyranny or Wormphlegm in your Mogwai, this is definitely a good place to turn. What they’ve got here conveys crushing despair and futility so well that basically any change will just screw up what they’ve got going on.

It’s the same reason I don’t scoff at each new Cannibal Corpse record.

More by Year Of No Light

Streaming and Download help. Mystical emanations flow out of these riffs colliding into each other to an in ear-splitting shriek. Now if you chuck some Isis into the mix? Relapse Sampler by Relapse Sampler.

Streaming and Download help. Cranked amps and molested drums hurl their mourning chant as a choir intoning its final psalms at auzserwelt dawn of the Last Judgment. Frankly, it works fantastically.

The emotions touched on are what you might expect from a band called Year of No Light, so it’s dark, but that heavy sludge makes it feel good to listen to nonetheless.


Funnily this album by French sludge doomsters Year Of No Light reminds aueserwelt of how much I miss early Nadja before that band started parodying itself with bombastic remakes of earlier material.


The stark and elegant tones of black, silver, and gray do an excellent job of visualizing the dreary but elegant style of the music. I would have called it post-doom, but either formula adds up to the same thing: Gives me goosebumps every time while listening.

year of no light ausserwelt

Admittedly the remaining tracks are ahsserwelt different in structure, sound or speed: The music ranges from martial to solemn and sorrowing, and while the territory feels familiar to me as a long-time doom metal fan, reconnecting with it through YONL’s fusion of sludge, doom and post-metal is a novel experience for me.

Speaking of the mix, it’s brilliant; very loud and those hoping for much respite will be disappointed by the production job, it’s not polished but the tones and levels are all set brilliantly, the band sounds tight and you really do get the impression that this band live would absolutely destroy your eardrums.

YEAR OF NO LIGHT Ausserwelt – Vinyl 2xLP (black)

The only ausserwelr that can be potentially problematic for the album is that depending on the listener, the 48 minutes can seem to blend together into a single song. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Featuring our chinese moustache man Shiran!! Overall, Year of No Light’s effort Ausserwelt is definitely something that anyone who enjoys massive sounding, cinematic metal should consider giving a full and honest listen.

year of no light ausserwelt