It does show up while browsing. Links monetized by VigLink. One nice feature is that once you navigate to the media folder and select how you will be connecting in the Dune path i. However with the issue on TV shows folder not really being picked up-am thinking of using Yadis Need to know before I switch over- 1, Do TV shows scrape well? You are going to have to try different ones and use the one you like. Although I always had some interest in technology, it wasn’t until I got my EX and more importantly found Mediasmartserver.

yadis 3.0

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Where are your media files stored currently? Thanks for sharing, that is interesting. Towards the bottom of the screen is the menu that you can scroll through there yaadis be a link for Movies, TV Shows, and if added any user selected Genres.

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Third, what is the best way to move the config to the Dune storage? It appears that this is possible and is based on a limitation of the HDI firmware: Hopefully this is a feature that is in the works as for me it is a critical feature.

yadis 3.0

Here is a quick note I had put together in the Zappiti guide on system storage: Ultimately WAF plays a big part for many of us, so in many ways it comes down to player that simple, stable, and easy to use.


I am always on the lookout to test new video jukeboxes for the various media players I have scattered across my house. Once yaDIS has been exported all you need to do is navigate to the output folder on yzdis Dune.

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Can you tell me how yadiss got the space background to show up on your Dune main menu? One thing I really miss about Zapitti is the seen and unseen selection you can make.

Download the System Storage Utilities from here http: Thread starter RichB14 Yadid date Nov 7, yavis Under Setup you designate your Language, the Dune interface location i. Nearly six months ago wow, has it been that long I took a look at Zappitia video jukebox for the Dune players. Just had an email from HD Land about there future releases, looks like it will soon cover music and will have different skins available.

yadis 3.0

To do this you will need to have system storage set up on your Dune. Tried all combinations of the absolute path: The on screen preview of zapp is something nice and that many people are asking for.

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Hi, my name is Damian, and I’m tech gadget addict! Before I make a change and have to rescan my entire library for the 10th time for each application, I thought I would ask you or a fellow reader a couple of questions:. Rick you can do yadks but the server must be the same Will Hindi movies be recognside with Yadis?


Comments are closed, visit the forums to continue the discussion. I think I will try to motivate Fred to yadie it in the next release, or at least propose it as an evolution for the future.

Obviously Fred-L have now another Hobby or what else,so should we seriously give it up to wait from an answer from him. You do need internal storage, but that can also be a usb memory stick.

Yadis dune hd base 3d manual

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. I too had bought Net Framework 4 if not installed already Installation: The next thing I noticed is that for most TV shows the artwork was not being brought in properly.

yadis 3.0

This is the background yaDIS will use for the template. However, as yaDIS 2. Sorry, just getting caught up on comments.

The Dune Smart series with the current FW does not support multiple mounts to the same server.