Exclusive SSB Bilateral amplifiers and mixers pats, appcL for operate in two directions — avoid needlessly-idle stages in either trans- mit or receive. Regardless of which contact of the relay is closed, the circuit is unstable and the cur- rent increases through the relay coil in the di- rection required to move the armature to the opposite contact. January 8, post by admin 0 comment. The VOX Delay control lets you adjust the time for receiver recovery from between words to between letters. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

xtaf usb 1.44

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xtaf usb 1.44

During the etching, the tray is rocked gently back and forth and from side to side so that the displacement of the copper pro- ceeds uniformly at all parts of the board. They said they xyaf transceiver convenience, but sepa- rate VFO’s for chasing DX; we gave them both. APRIL 59 tube tipped with a ball-point assembly.

This unit plugs into the Series Test Set and, 1.444 addition to serving as a jig for adjustment serves as an adaptor for the Western Electric A relay. An a-c power supply and speaker are included in the basic package, resulting in a complete fixed station installation in less than one-half cubic foot.

xtaf usb 1.44

Although no actual figures on gain were ever arrived at, comparison 1.4 standard dipoles showed definite improvements in signal strength, and an estimated figure of 4 db does not sound out of line. Even with a car that is as much fun to drive as mine I find myself shying away from avoidable one to two hour trips unless I am able to use the time to make a few contacts, in which case the trip is over before I know what’s happened.


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D I am, however, struggling with the mi amigo. The trip leaves Idle wild October 6 th and returns October 27th. When everyone was pas “Naruto is so OP over-powered. Using circuitry not shown, the supply voltage drop- ping resistor, R17, is adjusted for a static meter current of 2. xraf


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For some reason a 6CL6 would not work properly as a crystal oscillator with this circuit. The solid extruded aluminum front panel with white anodized very difficult to scratch finish give not only the beauty of simplicity, but help considerably to make the unit extremely sturdy for stability.

Somehow these incredible idiots have convinced themselves that the mag- azine is just a front I have used so that I could personally gyp them. Exclusive SSB Bilateral amplifiers and mixers pats, appcL for operate in two directions — avoid needlessly-idle stages in either trans- mit or receive.

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The unregulated voltage is applied to an emitter- follower stage. This allows the reference voltage as tapped off by R2 to be applied to the base and the output voltage to be applied to the emitter.

Just my opinion, it would make your posts a little bit more interesting.

If you think that this can not happen to you, you had better get out that usv schematic and take a long careful look at same. If you find it necessary this could probably be most easily remedied by peaking the slugged coil in the DX or by tuning the plate circuit of the VFO to pick up the second harmonic.

Fingerprints are particularly difficult to remove and if the cleanser fails, it may be necessary to use a xyaf fine grade of steel wool. The relay contacts reverse the polarity of voltage applied to C3 and the relay coil. By adjustment hsb the modulator and circuit, we set things up so the three we still have are 2 kc, kc, and kc.

AC drive values for bios measure- ment of the Sigma Series 7 and 72 polar relays.

Full text of “73 Magazine (April )”

Maybe it was the quad that established the common ground between us, or maybe it was the fact that here was a chance to do something besides exchange RSTs and QSL’s, but after we signed I made a copy of some of the Xtar text on quads, described and diagramed my own setup and enclosed it with my QSL. The side nulls are xta, however, and overall performance is well worth the small effort and expense required to con- struct one.


With the exception of the SBE unit which has the loudspeaker built in, all transceivers require either an external speaker which is normally built in the ac supply or else they depend upon your using the regular car radio speaker. Original layout is used as a guide. Readers should stop reading the fine print and stick to the articles and editorial.

The NCX-3 covers the meter phone and CW bands, making it much more flexible than the single band transceivers.

xtaf usb 1.44

This was suspicious so a duplicate unit was ztaf together, with the same results. The unit is of the hybrid type using a combination of 41 transistors, three vacuum tubes, and two gas tubes, The power supply, the receiver circuits, and the low-level transmitter stages are com- pletely transistorized, The high power stages of the transmitter use three vacuum tubes to de- velop the required power for transmitting and two gas tubes to regulate the screen voltage for the final amplifier stage.

Inset shows alternative microphone input circuits. Almost any suitable beam power tube can be substituted with sub adjustments in electrode poten- tials and drive.

It isn’t necessary to be nasty. For watts of audio, watts of carrier are required.