I’ll definitely give this a try when I get home from work and let ya know. An “error 7” was the original monster that got me into this, and after recovering the EEPROM, rewriting my hdd, I’m still showing an error 7. I tried formatting it, but my computer wouldn’t seem to give me the option as it was already a null partition. If it won’t unlock even with the right eeprom. Just make sure the adapter’s jumper is in Master. But I was determined.

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Any experience using xboxhdm 2. I don’t remember that. Rules Post content related to the original Xbox console.

Sep 08, Posts: Mon Sep 09, Never soldered anything in my life. So I have a usb to ide cable on the way vantec. Enclosures are less likely to work. Login seems to be ok, but it won’t list contents. You could test that. It had a letter after the version number. If you’re using a non-hardmodded Xbox to power the HDD, plug in AV cable to maintain power else it shuts down after a few minutes After building the HDD, if the Xbox xboxhdm 2.2 the softmod installer first boot but not the actual softmod after first bootyour DVD drive is likely half-faulty.


I’ve personally xboxhdm 2.2 problems with other FTP clients for windows or mac, so that’s my recommendation. Xboxhvm the Hosting Information page for more details.

I xbixhdm tested this though as I always unlocked first as a precaution. If it won’t unlock even with the right eeprom. Submit a new link. I couldn’t find any info on successful drive upgrades with the latest version of 2.

Understood, I’ll just extract the content to the hdd while I’m already in it tinkering around.

:: View topic – Xboxhdm softmod – got it installed, ftp issues

Hosting provided by Mythic-Beasts. Tried to launch XboxHD to partition it from scratch, it seems to be taking forever or have frozen.

Xbox Modding Resources old. You just need to skip all the preparation except one step and that’s modifying the drive to be bootable. It will then configure your drive to xboxhdm 2.2 Bootable drive and place the files from the extracted.


Does anyone have any tips using the 2. But I’m out of time and late for xboxhdm 2.2, so I’ll have to try again in the morning. I’m downloading now and will update you guys on progress. I rebuilt my hdd from scratch and locked it again. Log in or sign up in seconds. So now I have my eeprom safely stored.


Use tab to switch panel. I’m pretty green on all of this stuff, but Xboxhdm 2.2 learning well enough. There’s an Xbox and an Xbox One, but first there was just Xbox. That’s my hope anyway, I won’t know until I get home.

I knew what I was up against, but I have no technical skills when it comes to modding hardware. For other systems try UNetBootin also available on Windows. Give zero-filling a try before using XboxHDM and see if yours works.