With this software , the user be able to upgrade the firmware , update the parameters , perform communication testing easily. If this dialog shows up, push the button on the coordinator board that is at the edge under the XBee radio. You will get a popup window indicating that the settings are being written: Figure 18 Remote firmware update The remote firmware update feature has been implemented. If the XBee has not been configured before i. See the picture on the left. So you will more devices on serial port.

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The remote firmware update feature has been implemented. For a new Xbee modulefollow this procedure to query. We must check each parameter first. The pan id is an identifier within the channel to distinguish different XBee networks from each other.

Using X-CTU to change settings of an XBee

In the editing field on the right side, you can type the new value you want to use. Navigate through XCTU’s firmware library.

x ctu xbee After writing the values, the triangles that were green are now blue. Click on the radio to see its configuration. In either caseselect the correct one that you wanna perform operations. Easily generate any kind of API frame to save its value. It is not ok without this message and window. This feature can be useful when several ZigBee End Device or Router have not been configured yet; this way you can get them connected to an existing network in a semi-automatic vtu.


Overview – XBee Tutorial. Writing the changed settings You still need to write the settings to the XBee. Although the specification can not tell thisbut XBee Pro apparently has a better tolerance on power source and adapter than normal XBee. You may need to use an XBee adapter with a better qualityor try x ctu xbee XBee.

You will now get the following screen:. You can now close the radio again by selecting the cross, see where the mouse cursor is in the screenshot:.

XCTU – Next Gen Configuration Platform for XBee/RF Solutions – Digi International

Other highlights of XCTU include the following features: The x ctu xbee version of the XBee Pro has a higher power level than is generally allowed in Europe. And it locates on com port 9 COM9. Once you change the setting, the blue triangle will x ctu xbee green, indicating that you changed the setting in the dialog, but have not written it to the radio yet.

You will have a very little chance to get a problem Xbee. Only advanced users should use this application. A window like the one below will appear, showing the different functions and the different COM ports detected. Once X-CTU has been downloaded, the next step is to install the program. Changing or upgrading the XBee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the XBee module. Check what is your version and what are the differences between the old and the new one in this document.


Recover radio modules which have damaged firmware or are x ctu xbee programming mode. In order to perform a remote firmware update, the local radio module must be configured in API mode remember that XBees for Gateway or Meshlium are shipped in AT mode and should not be changed. Select com port in section: You can also set this parameter for each XBee plugging it to the Gateway, and then connecting it to a PC: The channel determines on which radio frequency the XBee are transmitting.


Figure 18 Remote firmware update The remote firmware update feature cty been implemented. In case the direct link does not work, search on the website of Digi for the software in the search field with the keyword X-CTU.

The settings you most likely want to change are the Channel, pan id and power level. See the picture on the left.