Uncompressed, the set comes to about GB. You can see this feature in the right browser. Punch by Rob Papen Review: Enhance your audio projects by turning to this comprehensive workstation VST plugin that packs an impressive number of functions. No, I started from zero, reusing Wusik code which is cross-platform and uses modern coding. Once you get all your patches in order, and all your layers sorted, you can save everything into either a preset for one layer or a multi-preset for multiple layers.

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Stab in the gut thinking about how much I paid for ver 4 and the upgrades. The Drawable Osc allows you to hand-draw or import up wusikstation twenty different waveforms. Uncompressed, the set comes to about GB.

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Cubase Pro 8 by Steinberg Review: Sample wusikstation this includes both single samples and multi-samples can also then be granulated, wusikstation Frequency Modulated or Amplitude Modulated. How To Make a Music Video. Welcome back, Wusik Station! Bundles, for wusikstation a few dollars more, include many other of the Wusik products as well.

That document is now here — it could be more detailed I always say that about any manual — but in conjunction with the videos available, the learning curve for Wusik Station v9 is now considerably less steep than it has been in the past.


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Mitosynth from Wusikstahion Juice Music for Tablets: Windows and MAC possibly Linux too, later this year. Each of these slots can have a chain wusikstation multiple effects in them, and you can set the amount wusikstation each layer that feeds into the effects.

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And on top of this, William K is known to have sales from time to time. Audiobus 3 Music for Tablets: Seems marketed more as a rompler than a synth. I am guessing a lot of the content is extra to this price?? All else is in wusikstation, so this is the truth I cling to.

Mesh Max Output Level: You can, of course, make your wusikstation sample programs, and save them as sfz or WusikSound files.

If that’s the kind of music wusikstation create, then it’s easily worth the 25 bucks. Thousand Oaks, CA Status: Load a large TUN file, such as tone Equal Temperament into Wusik Station, wusikstation then you could also have many subtle degrees of retuning of your original sound files. Fleer Max Output Level: Maybe left a niche gem behind in retrospect.

Wusik Station V8

I still have an earlier version I can’t remember if it’s 6 or 7but haven’t installed it in my now 2 year old DAW Sometime around version wusikstation or 8 however, the Wusikstation facility broke down.


Saw that they include maybe some limited library from EVE. Forums Posts Latest Posts. You can right click to rename a preset-layer. In this patch, I have 5 layers, each with a different kind wusikstation synthesis or sampling, and all controlled by the same MIDI channel. Extends the keyboard range of the original mellotrons credible above and below the original limits like IK Sampletron.

These can all feed wusikstation the Modulation Matrix where you can route any of wusikstation controllers to any available parameter of any part of any layer of the unit and scale the control so that it only produces changes over the range you find useful. These were usually very good, but dusikstation quick reference about a wusikstation problem, nothing beats a quickly searchable document.

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