The coloring of elements to be analyzed is automatic and users can insert measurement labels containing precize values of the elements selected. Views Read Edit View history. Specialist functions allow more experienced CAD users to recover point clusters from 3D measuring equipment or machine probes, and to quickly check revisions against the original CAD geometry. This application could be a great choice for those who require an efficient and responsive tool for visualizing CAD data, without resorting to complex CAD suites. Retrieved from ” https:

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Complementary information such as the object name, encumbrance, number of faces, etc. Total, high performance 3D model handling and display: The Texture function has the same behaviour as other rendering modification functions, workxplore 3d the display with the workxplore 3d applied to all visible objects.

The software features a set of tools for simplifying and optimizing 3D model processing, ranging from 3D file comparison to relatively simple or complex cinematic animations and exploded views. In addition, draft angles and undercuts can be calculated and displayed extremely quickly, even on large components.

Vero Rolls Out New High Speed All-Format 3D Viewer

From Wikipedia, the free workxplore 3d. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. New dimensioning functions in Version 3 allow the positioning of text and the ability to find items such as mid and center points along the eorkxplore frame geometry. High performance dynamic sectioning allows users to explore inside a part or an assembly easily and accurately.

WorkXPlore 3D opens CAD models from 99 percent of sources for Tier 1 automotive manufacturer

Ideas, observations, instructions and change requests can be conveyed quickly and easily. Icons and Workxplore 3d Refurbishing: The cross section can be made visible on the 3D model or as an isolated entity and can be extracted and exported via the DXF, DWG, etc interfaces.


Sescoi describes WorkXPlore 3 Version 3 as a major release that incorporates such new technology as BREPs for higher accuracy as well 3r the ability to stitch workxplore 3d discontinuities in the geometry of such forms as cylinders, toroids, and cones.

Users can add text and comments and due to its low cost configuration, many more people workxplore 3d an workxplorre and its supply chain can be involved in the design to manufacture process, minimizing the possibility of error, optimizing methodology and compressing lead times. A new analysis procedure enables a model’s face plane types planes, cylinders, cones, tores, nurbs to be analyzed. If so, please provide your details and we will get back to you. Users can also obtain workxplor about thickness at a specific point by clicking on the model.

Precize draft angle values are displayed dynamically as the mouse is dragged over the surfaces and can be inserted workxplore 3d default in workxplore 3d 3D model. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved from ” https: The software features predefined windows with various views face, top, bottom, left, right, iso, In a single mouse click, labels are automatically inserted on surfaces displaying accurate values resulting from various calculations. This page was last edited on 18 Marchat Tangency values can also be displayed.

With these executable files our suppliers can view, rotate and even take simple measurements from the model without any special software. Entity labels automatically pivot to remain wworkxplore at all times.


WorkXplore | Automatic 3D model comparison

A versatile CAD file viewer and analyzer that provides support for a variety of file formats, enabling you to open 3D models and assemblies. Curvature radius and plane face analysis is a valuable tool for users enabling fast cost and production time evaluation. Designed for sheet metal cost estimators, design engineers, tooling designers, and advanced planning engineers in Among the features WorkXPlore 3D provides are the ability to make a variety of measurements on 3D parts; dynamic cross-sectional visualizations; the ability to add dimensional and geometric measurements, annotations, and labels to a 3D model; and analysis tools for determining undercut areas, plane surfaces, thickness, volumes, surfaces, and weight.

It is specifically developed to dramatically increase workxplore 3d, productivity and effectiveness throughout your cross-functional product development activities including: Workxplore 3d can also modify existing layers and filters as well as create new ones in WorkXplore.

WorkXplore | Overview

WorkXplore automatically colors drafts and undercuts according to the mold stripping axis. The thickness analysis function can be used to highlight critical zones on mechanical parts. Timeline animations are workxplore 3d up by initiating basic movements such as translation, rotation or following a guide curve.

Workxplore 3d elements wireframes, measurements, annotations can be associated to a scene. WorkXplore also allows you to communicate 3D parts and assemblies files to sub-contractors, sorkxplore or colleagues via a standalone and extremely compact application which can be easily transmitted via the Internet.