And end of the series. Can’t wait for the next episode! Also watching Mr Finnemore himself have a bit of a “fanboy” moment at the mic before they started recording this episode was magical Is Captain Winnie the Pooh the same Winnie that had an intervention from your other radio programme? Wokingham – He came up with the idea of having the whole crew, in uniform, call on Martin’s family. And how Woosterish Martin is. So funny–I had no idea Benedict was actually lifted up.

wokingham cabin pressure

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Truly, this is a show that never ever disappoints, and I wish there were a million episodes of it. He definitely says ‘hour’!

Cabin Pressure by user | | Free Listening on SoundCloud

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My dull hours on the motorway have flown past since acquiring the full box set.

Greetings from Germany, have a nice trip But get back to your writing desk, now! It follows the exploits of the eccentric crew of the single aeroplane owned by “MJN Air” as they pressre chartered to take all manner of items, people or animals across the world.

Cabin Pressure

Ruslan and Lyudmila overture by Mikhail Glinka. I also love your other comedies but still, leaving definitively MJN Air crazy team makes me really sad Not because it’s getting worse or something like that. Wokingham – He came up with the idea of having the whole crew, in uniform, call on Martin’s family.


I truly loved Wokingham as I do all Cabin Pressure episodes but the family ones always make me smile just that little bit more Benedict being picked up really made those grunting sounds more grunty Of course, first of all, they are very well written. I think xabin the British in us.

wokingham cabin pressure

Here’s possibly a good reason to demonstrate why you kept “hour” in. It was a brilliant idea! By the way, what happened with the pronunciation of her name.? As the alphabet goes, I suppose that we are going inevitably to the end of it.

Cabin Pressure Series 4, Episode 4 – Wokingham – British Comedy Guide

Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom written and created by John Finnemore and directed and produced by David Tyler. Why would you make up such a silly lie? Log in No account? As, incidentally, is ‘our’, as in, ‘We will take one hour for our trip.

But of course, there has to be some source of tension and conflict, or there’s no story. And if you ever read the comments and consider answering questions I was wondering how much research you had to do for a series based on aviation and airlines.

wokingham cabin pressure

Please, please, please do not write Martin out for something like that. Cabon of this sort of thing. Retrieved 20 July Have a great time in Cuba!


Please never stop pressire cp, I work in a doctors surgery and listen to cp before my shift. It certainly ranks up there alongside all your other work -I always tune into a programme when I see you are on it because it guarantees it will be perceptive and funny.

wokingham cabin pressure

Saturday, 2 February Wokingham. Vaduz – I don’t recall Douglas doing anything particularly significant here. Writing in The Independent newspaper, Nicholas Lezard praised the first series highly, called “the writing and performances It always makes me laugh and sets me up for the day ahead with a smile on my face!

After an unsuccessful birthday treat for Douglas’ daughter, Carolyn makes a bet with her pilots. Comedy portal BBC portal Radio portal.

A Canadian passenger informs Douglas that he is not professional but Martin is, which infuriates Douglas and causes him to humiliate Martin.