The project overview shows all your projects in a configurable and searchable list. Entire maps and the map list can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Please, ask all questions on the forums! January 10, , Powered by SMF 1. You work in dyno and for me you seems to be a good guy..

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If you winils rather PM me please please please please do But please respect all people are winpls. I know what is DK very well and many other forums winols 1.721 well. This is the moment winols 1.721 stop no? I aint going anywhere fast in the procedure, is there a 1 2 3 4 If you do not have an shortcutjust make one manually. Marty Hero Member Karma: I will working this ols to a older version!?

For those reporting that the program give errors on start: Guys, don’t forget this topic is about Winols 1.

I’m trying to get my head around correcting check sums with this software Please tell me whether it can be a problem because the need for this program Windows Winkls SP3. Or i need to search damos for each of winols version? Even winols 1.721 the maps were moved to a different position, they will still be automatically recognized. Entire maps winols 1.721 the map 1.271 can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


I know how to talk see my messages I know how to help see my messages into dk forumand I know when I waste my time.

Free download WinOLS v v (no need activation) | Official Blog

Hello Guys,please another help me;- I have created a good ols project from a Winols 2. I will spot here any discussions with you in all dk forum. Marty on January 11, And again please spend some hundreds of Euro to buy something and than share it for free. Please, winols 1.721 all questions on the forums! The online-database can automatically fill in the fields like producer, chassis, etc.

WinOLS 1.721 Setup Patch

winols 1.721 Maps can be ex and imported from a project. All data and maps are stored in project files. People have to wiols and pay for things so why should they give you everything for free? Hello can you help me I managed to install WinOls but i have problem now with F option.


Can you test it in win7 32bit? Doing so will ensure the next person with the same issue gets the opportunity to learn from your experience. winols 1.721

Winols 1.721 download free

Maybe you skip some step winols 1.721 operate wrong. Who can upload it again? I purchased 1.7721 from him Regards, Mark. Guys this isnt ecu connections stop with the bs. Administrator Hero Member Karma: Now all I need to suss out is loading original and modified files correcting check sum and save Talk to others members.

I have had an extra registration accidentally used up when I had a Windows update.