Home About Explore Search. Reason for Karma Optional. Well, I still get better wobble with Compiz. Reply 24 May 3, Yes Default Voice Playback: Quoting neophil78, reply 13 Is it an habit at Stardock to bring newer version on an app removing nice functionnalities of previous version?? Reply 17 November 5, 8:

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Reply April 18, 7: Thank you very much Neil for the quick update and doing a great job.

WindowFX 5 RC1 Now Available ยป Forum Post by Island Dog

Today I also encountered several crashes of explorer. It is also not part of ObjectDesktop so there is less need for it to match up with the UIs of those apps. Subscribe to this post Do not email me updates for this post Email me updates for this post. WindowFX 5 lets Windows users add animated effects and advanced window controls to your Windows windowfx 5 beta

Stardock Releases Beta 1 of WindowFX 5

Reply 12 August 24, 1: Reply 3 May 3, 3: My Bad,sorry for my broken English Quoting Sojiro84, reply 10 Didnt encounter any weird issues yet aside from it asking me to deactivate the license on another machine which was odd but maybe I reached my total activations windowfx 5 beta since I tend to reinstall windows every few weeks and backing up the license doesnt help windowfx 5 beta after a clean new install my windows id is different then on the previous install so I need to reactivate my windowsfx every time.


Let’s see what they have to say about it. Reply 20 August 26, We’re looking up the edits for this post Reply 14 November 5, 5: Reply 22 May 3, 9: Please take the time to register with us. There is just one tiny flaw.

Reply October 8, 1: But now that you’ve read it perhaps you can take it on board? WindowFX 4 is a new application which brings cool animations and functionality to the Windows interface.

Stardock Releases Beta 1 of WindowFX 5

Stardock has released Beta 2 for the upcoming WindowFX 5 today. What did I do wrong? WindowFX 4 Beta Windowfx 5 beta v3. Well, I still get better wobble with Compiz. View all recent posts. Reply 1 May 3, 2: I could and do do this all day: Access to a great community, with a massive database of many, many areas of interest.

Stardock Releases Beta 2 of WindowFX 5

I need a stable pc. Reply 20 May 3, 9: I understood your English.


Unfortunately CursorFX is not one of the applications I am involved in. So windowfx 5 beta now WindowFX beta stays disable until a new release is out. Please take the time to register with us. Reply 11 August 24, Could you contact support please as those are not normal issues and clearly there is some kind of conflict going on so we need more information.