A few observations on the new Shoutcast Radio page. Does that mean that their stations will no longer be available on Winamp after they’re added on there? Originally Posted by ujay. Oh and yeah, I did make a post about the beta builds, but I deleted it because DrO had beaten me to it, lol. I have used Winamp to rip thousands of monaural tracks with the old CT encoder and have thousands more to do. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Find More Posts by iron

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This is far from satisfactory as broadcasters often get moved around by their service suppliers and the boookmark goes dead.

This is serverside code running in Winamp’s browser, so going back to an earlier Winamp version ppro not change anything. Pbirv No, the new classic-style option is on the same page, along with the option to show stations per page http: Anything that can be done to vary text size or colour would be welcome.

I will clear the cookies before I download it again maybe in Firefox 5 instead of Internet Explorer directly from this thread. The Winamp application stands at the top of the best media players in the market.


WinAMP Standard

Originally Posted by MrSinatra but what happened to eggs post? The winamp application keeps on updating with passage of time. Santa Monica, CA Posts: Though Winamp is an old media player application but still it manages to give its users with a trendy yet exciting multimedia experience. I will take a look here in these days and then I will be back Live voice-over X-Fade 2. Did you even read the post you quoted? Think that would be very helpfull for smartviews with singles or generally for big collections.

It is simply a waste of winamp 5.62 pro space. Dear Winamp fans, Qinamp you might have heard, Winamp recently changed ownership. Originally Posted by ujay A few observations on the new Shoutcast Radio page. And no bookmarking via the Station ID anymore, just when it was getting really useful, we’ll be back to constantly chasing servers around.

An option dinamp see also the Artist under the cover would be nice! Visit Sabine Klare’s homepage! Originally Posted by ujay. Please do following to be safe. Winamp features playlists, a complete media library winamp 5.62 pro amazing music visualization which are supported by a huge online community.


I have a lot of those and winammp now play perfectly! Heard of that thing a year qinamp or so scalable AAC encoding wijamp a lossless layer but didn’t remember that it was called “HD-AAC” And in the first post, it sounds a bit like it’s something that was included in previous releases, but isn’t in the current one.

Winamp is really nice Originally Posted by DJ Egg Pbirv No, the new classic-style option is on the same page, along with the option to show stations per page http: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations Winamp 5. Originally Posted by DJ Egg. Still want to download? Please restore the monaural ripping option in the next version. The new album art features winamp 5.62 pro awesome.

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Page 1 of 4. I just read that AOL is teaming up with Slacker. And no direct bookmarking. Make sure your report is complete, according to the sticky threads in Bug Reports, ie.