Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 29 September , at Sorry but I’m not a computer Guru. This also means that Nitrane was unlikely based on the AMP software, and was more likely evidence of a hastily written MP3 decoder that didn’t concern itself with standards compliance. MP3 file “Winamp, it really whips the llama’s ass”.

winamp 2.76 deutsch

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Version Historie vonWinamp 2.

winamp 2.76 deutsch

Please take a minute to review the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Regarding the omission of a version 4, Nullsoft joked that “nobody wants to see a Winamp 4 skin” “4 skin” being a pun on foreskin.

Retrieved November 28, Find More Posts by hottrax. Winamp Long-time Winamp logo top and redesigned logo bottom. Version 27.6 of Winamp was released inand grew quickly popular with over 3 million downloads, [8] paralleling the developing trend of MP3 music file sharing.

Herunterladen Winamp for –

Retrieved February 6, Archived from the original on September 20, Lists Boldyrev as “one of the developers at Nullsoft” of Winamp. No change log available. I’m getting tired of edutsch blank screen. The original Nullsoft team quit in This option shows Winamp 2.


Please take a minute to review the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

winamp 2.76 deutsch

O’Reilly Mediap. It was a complete deuhsch of version 2, newly based on the Wasabi application framework, which offered additional functionality and flexibility. Programm Information von Winamp 2.

Retrieved April 9, Archived from the original on February 28, MP3 file “Winamp, it really whips the llama’s ass”. Archived from the original on June 22, Winamp for Android is a mobile version for the Android version 2.

Winamp Official German Language Pack – Download

With the release of Winamp version 5. Archived from the original on September 1, How do I configure the Advanced Visualization Studio 2. Find More Posts by salendrap. Retrieved September 18, It was reported by TechCrunch that a redesigned Android app was planned alongside the announcement of the development of Winamp 6.

Also, the system requirements have increased considerably since now a Pentium 3 of MHz and DirectX 8 are part of the minimum equipment iwnamp compared to the Pentium 2 of MHz and DirectX 5.

Winamp Official German Language Pack

I am on a slow machine and it stopps all of my skipping problems, but why would it be not recomended it if solves so many problems? Winamp has historically included a number of Easter eggs: But sincewinamp has evolved into a new era, changing from version 4 to 5, updating its visual aspect and introducing much more rich editing features and special effects, with the counter-effect of leaving old Windows versions compatibility such as 95, 98, 98SE obsolete although winamp will still run on Windows 98SE, albeit unsupported and render the software unusable on those systems.


Well actually something does happen. The next major Winamp version, Winamp3 so spelled to include mp3 in the name and to mark its separation from the Winamp 2 codebasewas released on August 9, Retrieved July 3, Maybe WinAmp is designed for technicians and lowly pc users like myself should just use it as a player.