She’s very naive, but think that she’s very clever and reacts agressively when Piers taunts her, thus intriguing him. This book could be used as a template for how to adequately write minus drawing things out and or cutting things out Climax WOW. It would easily be worth reading through all the horrible subterfuge in the way. Good thing her father and medaling aunt have a plan to save her from spinsterhood. There’s no nauseating amount of romance, the side cast and side stories, as well as the little bits of medicine in the book – are so fun to read and follow.

when beauty tamed the beast eloisa james

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It had two things I love: But Piers has other plans. Her Beast is a cranky English doctor ebauty is rumored to have suffered an injury that has left him impotent. This book completely changed how I felt about Eloisa James, and that rarely happens for me as a reader. Dont worry, this is no epic tragic tale. He instead became a better version of himself.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast

Eloisa James, Chocolate, and Starbucks Coffee. The only thing that was unneccessary, in my opinion, was the epilogue. In fact, maybe he really did exist and Dr.


I’m not sure I eloisw heroines that can’t feel just a bit sorry for themselves, although she does redeem herself for me towards the end. Mar 24, Mariah Roze rated it really liked it.

The book basically beautifully mingles pieces of bits of usual Beauty and the Beast story with slight alterations and other associate adaptations only to end up in a book with an unconventionally but tremendously attractive hero, a loveable go-getting heroine, a heavy trail of hilarity and a decidedly steamy episode with a decent and commanding plot of love and its powerful implication in life.

when beauty tamed the beast eloisa james

This was my second read of Ms James. Piers and Linnet were engaged because Linnet was supposedly pregnant, and Piers was supposedly impotent.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast (Fairy Tales, #2) by Eloisa James

And with joy Rane was able to bestow more stars along with others on this great little tale. Totally wanted to hate this book, and I ended up really liking it!

And like an unexpected shower, more was given and given and given and given. Say Yes to the Marquess. In fact, through my entire life! Yet the literature professor in me certainly plays into my eloiwa. James did a top notch job of bdauty a Dr. Too bad he didn’t stay that way.

But all that said, Ms. All this set-up happens quickly in the book, thank goodness. Gregory House, the TV doctor with the crotchety brilliant medical mind.


And when Linnet had put it on last night, she had thought the effect lovely. A reviewer named Rane picked up the second in a fairy tale series. The heroine and elooisa both irritate me somewhat, although I quite like it when they do – it just makes it more real for me.

However, she is not a snobbitchity heroine. A bit of digging led to a historical doctor who was pleasingly similar. The Beast becomes the savior, the Beauty becomes the beast. No need to marry and no need to think about anything, just enjoy herself. His no nonsense approach at telling patients they were going to die seemed so callous, and yet, oddly funny. Lots of it, and all the time. View all 5 comments. To Sir Phillip, with Love. France Germany The UK

when beauty tamed the beast eloisa james