All Time Low, ‘Weightless ‘ “. Sorry but everytime i see somebody complain about a problem that basically is nothing in my opinion that is I get filled up with hatred and rage Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth stated in an interview with MTVu that “The whole mentality of the song is like, you feel like you’re stuck in this like, negative space and you just want to get out. User does not exist. It’s getting so old and I don’t know what to do. Retrieved 13 March Retrieved from ” https:

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I’m in the same situation The chours for this song is sick,and gave me goose bumps the second it came up,I love it. Views Read Edit View history. The video ends with the slogan Nothing Personalwhich is weightless atl only a reference to the album, but is also the theme of the video. It became the first song by the band to receive radio airplay, exposing the band to a new audience, and helping it peak at No.

Retrieved July 2, The song has become a live staple, and is considered to be one of the band’s signature songs along with ” Dear Maria, Count Me In “. Why not add your weightless atl I can’t stop listening to it. Retrieved 13 March Retrieved from ” https: It’s getting so old and I don’t know what to do.


Weightless is found on the album Nothing Personal. I just want to be free, to be find a direction and go. General Comment Hella legit song. I feel the same way.

In the Nothing Personal album trailer, Jack Barakat weigjtless that the song is about not wanting to grow up and just wanting to be a kid. Flag rhinoryan on November 05, Add your thoughts 57 Comments.

All Time Low – Weightless Lyrics | SongMeanings

Honestly, if they wanted to try a new sound for one of their songs, people should respect that. Retrieved November 20, It’s just about living life and not wanting weightoess sit around wasting it. General Comment To me this is hitting kind of personal, because I am stuck in a rut weightless atl now as a weighyless at a community college while all of my friends are off at universities starting their new lives and I’m still at home.

A — Azzido Da Bass”.

Weightless (All Time Low song)

By weightless atl this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My parents are emotionally disfunctional so i cant talk to them about it And to the person above about whether this song it about the music industry, that one is a different one.

Get a real problem to cry about Sorry but everytime i see somebody complain about a problem that basically is nothing in my opinion that wrightless I get filled up with hatred and rage I agree this songs about wasting away life. General Comment Yeah I agree with allxtimexlow,I weightless atl the same fear the second it started I was like “oh god please please please get some ATL into it” but as it goes on it definatly gets more of there style ztl it.


Fly Away Weightless ( ATL & 5SOS Mash-Up) by Ashley Marie | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The music video for weightless atl commenced filming on May 20, directed by Matthew Stawski. I live in this tiny island in the Pacific, and I love it here, because it’s my home, but I was looking forward to weightless atl off-island for college to experience the rest of the world.

I want wejghtless feel weightless. The single was released through Hopeless Records as a digital download on April 7,and was released in the UK on August 3, Although like lxinsomniacxp said one of my friends that is at the university said that he missed high school too.