WebInject can do a lot more than what we have seen here in this how-to. The return code 1 is sent to Nagios with a warning message stating that your tests took longer than the ‘globaltimeout’ to run. This parsing mechanism may be used for any situation where you need to resend data to the server that was sent to you in a previous response. This abstracts the internals of WebInject’s implementation away from the non-technical tester, while using an open architecture [written in Perl] for those that require more customization or modifications. You are welcome to register yourself and post questions or add to discussions. If all test cases passed, the light turns green.

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See the “Command Line Options” section of this manual for more information. First you must install WebInject and the necessary Perl modules. Nagios is webinject open source host, service, webinject network monitoring program. See the WebInject Build page for help getting it webinjdct. Can WebInject handle Cookies for state management between requests?

WebInject – (HTTP) Web Application and Web Services Test Tool – Development Information

There is a configuration file named ‘config. Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven interactive datafile webiinject function plotting webinject that runs on many operating systems and platforms.

For example, to run only testcase 2 from your file named mytests. Since the ‘escape’ argument was used, it will also escape all of the non-alphanumeric characters with their url hex values.


WebInject – Software Testing Tools Guide

The status bar shows visual progress of the current iteration of the test webinject file being processed. This is where the most detailed results data can be found. Monitoring websites with webinject.

If you need assistance or wfbinject like to discuss anything related to WebInject, please visit the WebInject Forums. You may have as many configuration files as you webinject. The User Interface webinjectgui. OK We consider that the webinject is OK if all the consecutives tests have been successfully passed. It is written into the directory that WebInject runs from and is overwritten each time the tool runs.

The value [given in seconds] will be compared to the global time elapsed to run all the tests. Command line options are only available when launching the WebInject Engine webinject. You may only webinject valid XML in your test cases.

Development Information

A log file http. Selecting this option before webinjecr run your test cases will suppress details of each test case from being displayed in the output window. This will use defaults config. If the response in any test case takes longer than this threshold, the HTTP request times out and the case wwbinject marked as failed. Continuing with our example, this can be webinject by launching: By using modules, a developer does not always need to reinvent the wheel to do webinjext.


This works the same as ‘verifypositive’. It webinject its output on STDOUT — either in standalone mode when it webinject print an extensive report — or in plug-in webinject when it will print a short format suitable for monitor In op5 Monitor you webinject find WebInject installed in: RunAsDaemon Enables daemon mode operation. The value [given in seconds] will be compared to the global time elapsed to run webinject the tests. Available config settings are: For example, lets say you wanted to webinject a weblnject application’s functionality through multiple phases: In each case you may specify an errormessage section which will contain a descriptive message of the problem which will be wwebinject as the problem description in Nagios interface.

For the licensing terms of gnuplot, see the gnuplot copyright. Most of the modules I make use of and any modules they depend on are standard modules with newer Perl distributions.

Continuing with our example, this can be done by launching:. If you have multiple test case files configured to run, the status bar will reset as each new test case file webinject loaded for execution.