It can have up to different blocks of your own design in both warp and weft. Thanks to the two groups with ground harness, you can combine bindings with different weave units. Say yes to install XQuartz. It combines an unprecedented ease-of-use, derived from the Windows environment, with revolutionary and stunning graphics. Some observations Clicking the green window control button to go full screen, is not always recommended. For loom control, you could also use a low cost pc for this purpose by the loom, design patterns on your Mac and transfer them to the pc by email or a memory stick.

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The grid line is always 1 pixel wide. Turn on loom control. WeavePoint is made to fill the requirements of the experienced designer. A “live” weavepoint of the warp color table found with recipes in various weaving magazines.

You can test it yourself using the WeavePoint demo version. When editing, all changes are instantly reflected in corresponding weavepoint of the draft. How can I weavepoinnt the yarn colors?

You can run WeavePoint in several weavepoint on a Mac. Say yes to install XQuartz. This will create an weavepoint both in the PlayOnMac window and on the desktop. Visual Floats – An interactive dialogue in the Analyze menu, weavepoint you see floats by selected length visually in the drawdown. Wevaepoint to run in the Windows environment, the software provides the user with a project planner, which is a spreadsheet tool for computing weaveepoint generating project costs.



Instant Drafting Because WeavePoint displays all four quadrants of the drafting grid, you weavepoint watch your weave grow as it’s being planned. As you treadle, a single shaft should rise. Weavepoint does wwavepoint mean to ‘treadle the threading’? Note that you may need to change your security preferences to allow installing software from “unknown” developers.

Download WeavePoint

Because Macs use Intel processors sincewhich is the same processor type weavepoint PCs use, it is now easy to run Windows software on Macs. The benefit of saving to a PNG file is that you can get larger patterns with finer grid lines.

WeavePoint is a software program developed by B. And even for drafts with weavepoint squares weavepoint blocks, the image size has significance for the line width of the draft grids. There weavepkint several ways you can do this: Follow the installation instructions.

If you’d like to change them, let’s say to yellow and green instead, you do this in the color dialog. Continue until threading weavepoint complete. Select sinking shed to draw vertical stripes or rising shed to draw horizontal stripes.


Running WeavePoint on a Mac

Open the downloaded weavepoint and weavepoint the Weavepoint icon to the Applications icon to install it. For photos and illustrations, we know that the image size matters. Or open the color palette click the color icon in toolbar and double click on your color index.

Think of it like you have two crayons with almost the same color – if you want to use the same crayon again, it’s easier to pick the correct one if it has a number.

For block substitution, you need two drafts: If you want to use more colors in a repeat, fill in your colors in the beginning of the warp or weft color grid.

Using block substitution in WeavePoint For weavepoint substitution, you need two drafts: Then switch to tie-up single mode in Options. By the weavepoint, this works also with the other grids. Right-click is used in WeavePoint to weavepoint in grids.

How can I design stripe patterns in WeavePoint? Text size will depend on your Mac’s screen size and resolution.