In a non-RAID environment, such features are unhelpful, and manufacturers do not recommend their use. Note that most desktop hard disk drives to not have this capability. I am so extremely impressed with the Raid Card and the performance of the velociraptors! In a stand-alone configuration TLER should be disabled. There has to be some threshold where a disk is declared to have failed. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. The utility works on and makes changes to all compatible Western Digital hard disk drives connected to the computer.


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Making it more can cause the drive to fail out of the array. Limiting the recovery time allows for improved error handling in hardware or software RAID environments. This can be used to query TLER and similar settings.

The card worked, but the performance in a Raid 5 was less then if I used one of the velociraptors by themselves!!! DSzymborski A moment ago. Any help is appreciated. If you only wish to change specific hard drives on your computer then you should disconnect the other hard drives before you use this utility, then reconnect them after you are finished.

Retrieved 10 June If the drive itself is inherently reliable but has some bad sectors, then TLER and similar features prevent a disk from being unnecessarily marked as ‘failed’ by limiting the time spent on correcting detected errors before advising the array controller of a failed operation.



Results 1 to 10 of The reason I went with a Red over the green is because it’s faster, runs cool and very quiet, and has a longer warranty. What you have to do is hook both drives up to your motherboard wvtler.exe set them in IDE mode. Question The motherboard M.

Error recovery control

Your name or email address: EXE utility directly with the -r -w parameters to specify how many seconds the Time Limit value should be. TLER tells the hard drive to give up wdtler.rxe to recover a sector after a few seconds default on Red drive is 7 seconds.


Hi all sorry to ask but i have a HTPC as well and want to use these drives as single drives would a red wdtelr.exe better or a green?

The Wikipedia page said that WD warns that it can break a drive. This will wdtlwr.exe the drive from causing the raid array to fail. Please know that I have not found any motherboards with on-board raid that will work with Western Digital Velociraptors.

Nov 8, 8 0 10, 0. Thread starter assplats Start date Nov 8, Additionally, having the choice of changing the Wdtlerr.exe option gives the user the flexibility of purchasing the high performance drives such as the Western Digital Raptor that have TLER enabled and that are designed to run in a RAID array and using them as stand-alone single drives in their desktop computers and disabling the TLER option to enable better data recovery and lower chance of corruption and drive failures.


You won’t be sorry! If you do, you could make your disks unstable.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. There are part differences between the green and the red, it is not just firmware.

Started by ceejay7 Yesterday at 8: I then bought an Areca ARC true hardware raid card. This is bad for regular standalone usage because your hard drive gives up too easily when trying to recover from a bad sector. Dec 9, 4. Nov 11, 7 0 10, 0.

WD Green Firmware Cross Flash WD30EZRX | [H]ard|Forum

If you are running a raid situation, the default 7 seconds works the best. This section does not cite any sources. I haven’t found any custom firmware or anything else that has a chance of making the TLER permanently disabled.


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