In reply to lucindanj’s post on June 25, Two great products at a low special price. Disable your anti virus software 3. Please choose to download it and run after reading the following:. Could not open file E: Copy the activation code from the screen.

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You can save a lot of time and effort by not needing to hunt for your next file to play. Choose Move my licence. Word Processor Default To change your default word processor wavpedal watch this video Auto Play Setup To setup auto play please watch wavpedal video Downloads Support downloads can be found here. If autoplay is wavpedal the install menu will appear, click Install WAVpedal.

Unfortunately, you may need to contact WavPedal support at http: For State, type UK 5.

Wavpedal instructions can be found [ here]. Press web activation button, a web page now wavpedal up with all your activation details. Please contact your manufacturer directly for support. Install the software by clicking on the Setup. You will now be given a Wavpedal Code, it is in a red box. Copy the activation code from the screen.

Also, you can make it go slower so wavpwdal can listen to those very fast dictators at a slower rate, and you can make it play faster for QA listening.


If you have not registered within 30 days of purchase, you need to in order to unlock it by using the Web Activation button and following the instructions. For existing users who want to upgrade, you should wavpedal your existing license, install this version, then re-use your existing license.

WAVPedal 7

This thread is locked. I followed your instructions, but I’m still locked out of WavPedal and Dictran is out of business disconnected phone, bounced emails, wavpedal.

Please wavpeval in this form to request a manual reset Files Associations To add file associations please watch this video. Print off this page and keep it safe for wavpedal reference.

Please let us know if you have any Wavpedal related wavpedal. This new version eliminates the problem of licenses being inactivated due to some Windows updates. Thanks for your reply! Enter the License code that came with your CD and press Submit. Confirm you want to remove the licence.

DicTran: Medical WavPedal System

You will get a confirmation and you are now able to use your TPC code wavpedal activate your software on another PC. Wavpeddal order to reset your license manually, please fill in the [ form here ]. Choose Wapedal my licence. Take a look at the options available here and find the right software and pedal combination for your needs.


Here is a [link wzvpedal download] the program, it will need to be registered within 30 days. No need for transcription equipment. You will get a confirmation and you are now able to use your TPC code to activate your software on another PC To see a video how to do this visit this link. Wavpedal the Windows update seems to have caused the problem, I was hoping Microsoft could help me.

Two foot pedal connection types: If you have had an upgrade to your PC or it was rebuilt before it could be deactivated, then we can wavpedal reset this for you. Failure to remove the licence before un-installing wavpeeal software may result in wavpedal to purchase a new licence.

Click Move my wavpedal, and follow the instructions to get a Removal Code and enter it into the license screen. WAVpedal has many great features that can make your voice transcription job simple.