However, Warmverb does at least offer routing possibilities that make it stand out from the crowd. There are modular 4 effect slots into which you can load effects. Scitscat’s aim is to please and have been doing just that since , over , Internet and store transactions in that time. Why is it an essential tool? Scitscat Music is an Authorized Dealer for all the brands we represent. In the unlikely event that you received a defective product, a wrong product, or damaged product, Scitscat Music will replace it at no charge of any additional shipping cost. Equipped with the high quality reverb technology which can be found in our synthesizers, Warmverb improves upon it by including an ultra version.

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The feedback can be sync-delayed by up to two bars, and has a mix control and clip mode button that turns the feedback clipping on and off. Please call or message us for a quote! These are followed by the EQ section, with its three fixed bands. All returns must be in the exact condition and ,ulti-fx all warmverb multi-fx materials, accessories and paperwork, as in which we shipped to you.

Please contact us for a multti-fx quote.

New Best Service Tone2 Warmverb Virtual Reverb Plug-in Multi-FX Mac/PC AU VST | eBay

Reselling of our products. Warjverb an easy to use interface, an intelligent random function and over presets, Warmverb gives you instant access to a large selection of essential effects and inspiring new sounds. Warmverb is at warmverbb frustratingly limited, and while it looks like it could be a handy box for live tweakage, not all of its parameters can be manipulated without noticeable warmverb multi-fx artifacts. Scitscat Music is committed to deliver the best experience for our customers.


We have heavily discounted shipping rates for next day or 2nd day delivery.

WarmVerb Multi-FX

The following items are not returnable, unless received DOA, in which we will send a replacement: Mulfi-fx tax only applies to orders that ship to Florida. In addition to using single effects, you can combine them with an EQ and feedback to build new warmverb multi-fx of effects, for example: Please notify us of any of damaged, defective or mis-shipped products within 3 days.

Why is it an essential tool? We only ship internationally the products that are allowed to be shipped outside of the USA. After 30 days, you may request manufacturer warranty if your item malfunctions. Not only can it do classic effects with pristine warmverb multi-fx quality – it can do crazy stuff like a ‘distorted-reverb-phaser-feedback-vocoder’!

I guarantee you that you will love doing business with us! All international orders are subject to customs fees, taxes, duties, VAT, etc. We will send you a prepaid label to return the item, and ship you a replacement.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund of the purchase price, an exchange or a store credit within 30 days from the order date. The reverbs, which Tone2 describes as “reference class”, are OK, but as the only available parameters warmverb multi-fx Size, Damp, Predelay and Modulate, they’re pretty limited. For your own protection this library is provided as individual personalized files including a Digital Water Mark – DWM!


Best Service account login. As such, it seems like Tone2 intends Warmverb to be more for creating intense special effects, a theory supported by the plug-in’s bombastic, over-the top presets. Welcome to ScitScat Music! Each of the 31 included effects has a maximum of four parameters and a mix control, so you don’t get a massive warmverb multi-fx of tweakability with each one.

Some effects aren’t so impressive.


Not only milti-fx it do classic effects with pristine sound quality – it can do crazy stuff like a ‘distorted-reverb-phaser-feedback-vocoder’! Please learn about these charges before placing an order. VST 32 and bitStandalone 32 and bit.

Add reference warmverbb reverb to your mix Create freaky devil or smurph voices Make yourself sound like warmverb multi-fx robot with the vocoder Build custom effects by combining modules Mix with pristine sound quality Get excellent value for money Replace a rack full of effect units with a single plugin Warmverb multi-fx are modular 4 effect slots into which you can load effects.

Although the title might imply this plugin is mainly reverb, this is not the case. You will be mailed a copy of the Invoice for the transaction in addition to the digital download.