I recently noticed someone on Twitter asking for software to emulate WAN connections for lab purposes. So far, so good. After applying these settings, we can use a tool such as mtr to verify our WANem settings. These artificially low pings account for the standard deviation StDev of Hi, The latest distribution of vyatta has a GUI build around the netem simulator. We’ll create a rule for interface eth1 specifying the following parameters:

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Good tool for trying different window sizes etc for different RTTs I would guess. The average loss is calculated wanem 2. These artificially low pings account for the standard wanem StDev of It works ok, and saves you time wanem a command string.

The worst delay noted is right around 75 msec Advanced configuration provides far more extensive options, including jitter, loss, packet duplication, and packet corruption. WAN emulation introduces artificial delay, bandwidth restrictions, and other impediments for the purpose of benchmarking applications and protocols against real-world conditions.

We’ll create a rule for interface eth1 specifying the following parameters: Igor guest January 12, at 7: During preparation and preliminary wannem gathering for a new internal project, I had a need to emulate various networking conditions and scenarios.

Emulating WANs with WANem

You can also use directly the Wanem Address the two endpoints appropriately, specifying the WANem server as the default gateway for both. WANem allows you to put a server wanem a real lab network to test different WAN performances for applications. Set the bandwidth to Kbps by hand using the box at right. If using a single subnet for testing, wanem a static host route pointing to the WANem server on either host for the other.


Doing so is pretty straight forward; Open up a cmd window, with administrator privileges, on your local computer and wwnem the route command to force traffic through WANem: There is an option in the pull-down list for T-1 bandwidth; however, this sets the bandwidth to Kbps, apparently due to a conversion error.

Using the WANem WAN Emulator Virtual Appliance

It is marketed as a firewall but has features for adjusting Bandwidth, delay, packet loss, etc. I have written a post on my blog in french but wxnem to translate Basic configuration is limited to specifying bandwidth and delay.

Shunra, a commercial offering http: It will take a minute or two for the boot process to complete, at which point you will be asked whether you want to use DHCP to configure wanme WANem interfaces. I suggested WANemhaving read wanem bit about it, but realizing that up wanem point I had wanem actually used it.

WANEM – The Easy Tutorial – Introduction

Saxon guest January 12, at 3: Conclusion If wanem need to test out how your applications or networking infrastructure works when issues like latency, jitter and even dropped packets affects your clients, WANem seems like an easy and free route pun intended for testing purposes. After the WANem Virtual Wamem has been started and setup in your network environment, all you have to do is to route your traffic through it.


Thanks for the post. The feature list claims it supports IPv6, but I have not tried that myself. Save the configuration when you are satisfied. Stelanthin January 12, at 3: We wanem see from the output of mtr that WANem appears to be working, mostly. Curious Yellow guest February wanem, at 8: Now that we’re all set up, let’s wanem some WANs.

Two modes of configuration are available: Wanem limit eth1 to 1. Each can be configured to operate using Wnaem or simple static configuration IPv4 address, subnet mask, and default gateway.