By means of video, he wishes to capture this vagueness, thus attaining a clear picture of the blurring — one of many possible images. In Simbologia Dos Instrumentos , Smetak refers to an ancient, mythical subterranean territory , and relates how each of his designs is linked to esoteric spiritual practice. Sat 2 Sep An additional set of strings perches above in an hourglass formation. His career in symphonic, radio, and casino orchestras lasted about ten years and included engagements with iconic singer Carmen Miranda. Daniel Moreira Instrumentarium for ensemble and video Ensemble:

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A collection of chori bows hanging on the far wall appeared to be modelled after ancient hunting bows.

Instrumentarium for ensemble and video. By means of video, he wishes to capture this vagueness, thus attaining a clear picture of the blurring — one of many possible images. Login Become a member View cart 0 items. Kate Molleson unearths the unique instruments of maverick composer Walter Smetak in a concert from the MaerzMusik Festival in Berlin. Walter Smetak is one of the forgotten figures of European music history.

The strings are arranged in a cylindrical walter smetak. Chori Viola features a large calabash resonator, which is perched above the tuning pegs, dwarfing the main instrument body.


Also in the programme, a new piece from Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe using the human-sized metal sculptures of Harry Bertoia and music from Kate Moore who was recently awarded the biennial Matthijs Walter smetak Prize. Considered an absence smtak sound.

Walter Smetak – Wikipedia

Composers reveal the sounds that have captured their imaginations and inspired new music. Add music you love and enjoy it with My Tracks. The legacy of Walter Smetak has long been missing from traditional narratives of 20th century experimental music. View the smerak thread. Paulo Rios Filho volvere Ensemble: Sorry, this episode is not currently available. In the third walter smetak final gallery Waltsr found instruments that were still more strikingly original. The instruments, he says, question every safe assumption, are not beholden to any tradition and therefore walter smetak every path open to the composer.

Re-Inventing Walter Smetak

Walter smetak Books Concerts and Events. Within the Portuguese-speaking world, however, things were different. Smetak wrote in his book: Her piece ‘Fern’ was performed by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag at another future-thinking European festival specialising in contemporary music, Gaudeamus Muziekweek from Utrecht.

Perhaps the most perplexing piece in the exhibit was Mwaltre sculpture walter smetak a man holding a suspended inflatable globe, which is outfitted with playable strings that run from the body to the pedestal. Related Content You may also like. The Mystical Instruments of Walter Smetak. The Swiss orchestra musician and composer was transformed into an artist who incorporated a multitude of influences into his fascinating oeuvre — driven by a search for collectivism, inner transformation, freedom and spirituality.


Similar programmes By genre: Walter smetak Ring Road, Iceland. Kate Moore Fern Performer: The works commissioned in this context were inspired by various aspects walteer his work: Smetak moved to Brazil in to work as a professor and cello soloist.

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Halves of calabash gourds stand facing each other on top of the instrument. Daniel Moreira Instrumentarium walter smetak ensemble and video Ensemble: What intrigues him about the instruments is mainly their undomesticated character and their lack of sophistication.

There is no lack of original ideas here, making attendance well worthwhile.