Not rated 2 reviews. For that i think this module is not usaable for production sites. It is sure to make any site more attractive by positioning top or bottom and easy customization. Easy to set up, precise settings and nice features will let you have it ready in minutes. In IE8 this accordion just jumping all around page. The configuration is simple and fast, the playlist is auto generated and ready to serve music to your visitors from the moment they access your page.

vtem k2 category accordion

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vtem k2 category accordion

The idea is to have a set of rotated images that. A fast and very easy to setup contact form designed for Joomla 1. This gives a beautiful effect and using this technique can spare you some space on your website.

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It is an image gallery with slideshow. The navigation will be almost hidden — the items only slide out when the user hovers over the area next to them. With many animations supported and have an easy to control the m Most of these effects are developed in Flash, but in this case simply use the jQuery library Not only does it support images, galleries, Picasa albums, Flickr photos, external pages, inline content. The module shows a nice sliding panel, when the page is scrolled to the bottom If you have any questions about the module, please post a comment below.


GPLv2 or later Type: This drilldown menu provides easy navigation of complex acccordion structures with any number of levels It is a feature rich and flexible slideshow that comes with 38 unique and smooth animations.

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Using the tabs you can navigate through all articles. It is very easy to setup, yet very flexible if you want to customize it a b VTEM SlideNote is a nice sliding panel, which can be very helpful in posting announcements, offers, etc on your website.

It will always display three images at the same accrdion, with all the rest hidden behind the center image. This module displays a collection of articles inside an accordion, with a smooth sliding transition when click over a title. It is very easy to setup, yet very flexible if you want to customize it a b Available in 5 presets and different effects.

Simple and easy to use A super easy and slick module to present your images on your joomla site as a slideshow or image rotator.

This extension it’s very flexible and useful tool acxordion every joomla website. With many animations supported and have an easy to control the module displaying via simple parameters, you can do everything as you like and let your client see Your Site In a impression way.


VTEM K2 Category Accordion

You can use this to easily add a map to your company address The Module – as anyone familiar with a Mac will know – is a set of iconic images that expand when rolled over with the cursor, and usually perform some action when clicked. Today I want cqtegory show you how to create an amazing slide out menu or navigation for your website. Categpry you’re looking for an easy way to stay in contact with your visitors this module is for you It effect on images when you take mouse over the images, it really good style effect of jquery mouse over.

It’s really wonderful and very simple set by parameter in administrator. It categoru any type contents such as K2 items, Joomla!

This extension allows you to add tooltips in Joomla! This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! This module to display articles with images accompanied by a nice effect, with this module you can display articles from each category. This is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.

vtem k2 category accordion