Oh, and VPN software cannot be uninstalled anymore. All of them give me Error Brilliant, had to do the registry entry to get it to work. I tried it on a newer router and it worked just fine. Unable to manage networking component.


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I have been able to install the program, but am running up against the following error message when I try to connect: Cleared the temporary files and did a disk cleanup followed by a PC reboot. Perform a quick registry edit: You’ll have to unpack the exe first, just like if were a zipped file.


That was my issue. It works after doing step 1 and step 2.


Glad to see how much this is helping everyone get this software working. Worked for me as well! But there is no traffic.

I then followed the steps above and did the optional step 3, just in case and when I launched VPN client, it worked like a charm.


Thank you so much for this. I had to use the registry edit, but otherwise it worked on the first try.


Hi, this happened to me also, and myst3k tip worked for me. My next vpncljent-win-msi-5.0.07 to resolve the issue with the update will be to revert to Windows 10 first editionrepeat the same actions that I took when I originally moved from Win7 to Win10 VPN clients etc. Worked for me too: You have already given the fix that I have seen and had to perform myself.

Doesn’t need to do regedit for me. However, I’m experiencing a plethora of stability and connectivity issues after the update that I did not have in vpnclient-win-msi-5.07 previous version: I have limited test cases, so this may not be as cut and dry as it seems to me. After that, I installed the two programs in the right order and made the registry edit. Made everything work perfectly fine until the update. It did not work the first time I tried, so I followed someone else’s recommendation and uninstalled all previous versions, the DNE updater, cleared temp files, deleted registry entries and rebooted.

Silent Installation of Cisco Systems VPN Client X64 : ManageEngine Desktop Central

Now I no longer have to mandatory dual boot between 7 and 10 just to run VPN. Please share if you have any idea on the above queries. User Requested Any ideas? Tried to run this and getting error message that this app can’t run on this PC, getting the compatibility.


I would have never figured this out, so thanks! Tested using a Verizon Pantech 4Glte Aircard. Did the admin cmd prompt cmd and rebooted but issues. All I get is. Solved For every windows build update regedit files are modified.

Thanks heaps, worked with the regedit straight off on two machines.

How to install Cisco VPN client on Windows 10

For those who recommend Shrew vpn, it doesn’t always work. Also, I had to set the “compatibility mode” of the. I know it’s been 2 months since you’ve posted Thanks, worked as a charm: I had to remove all vpnckient-win-msi-5.0.07 copies of sonicwall, cisco vpn client and pcf files.