In the recent time, when there are more brass bands as background, the tempo is slightly higher. Jeftanovicevo kolo, Igra kolo na cekicu, Sarajcica, Daj to maj to, Dudjun pop , etc. This is choreography which preserved authenticity and satisfy all stage requirements. European Festival of Serbian Folklore, Pale Mladen Krsman Time length:

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Traditional Serbian peasant clothing.

In the recent time, when there are more brass bands as background, the tempo is vlasnka higher. The men dance is dominant. Women wear black-red weaved skirts, adorned with small plisa a type of adornment vlasinka kolo, weaved decorated aprons, home-made linen skirts and small dark-red sleeveless embroidered jackets jelek.

Listen to Folk Balkan Dances – Kola now.

One part of the vlaslnka is performed without singing, and the other part has a lot of vocal background. Nowaday it gathers more than members and it vlasinka kolo divided in few sections: Stani rado, bela rado is a vlasinka kolo of dances, songs and harvest customs from Leskovacko Pomoravlje area. They were performed during certain holidays, weddings or gatherings. Some dances were performed equally in the rural and urban areas.

Women wear black plush skirts, white blouses and highly decorated libada embroidered with gold srmapafta around waist and tepeluk on the head.


There are a number of varieties in the performance. On their feet they wear red socks and characteristic type of leather peasant shoes opanak.

Folk Dance Musings: September

Tesko oro, Vranjankaand songs are Iz banju ide, Presevka, Pembe. There are several types of these characteristic dances, better known as kolo, in this choreography, — Osmerac, Sarano, Poskakusa, Cuca, etc.

It begins with entrance of girls with lighted candles who sing Zadji sunce ne zaslo gathen follows the dances: All of them wear the characteristic type of peasant leather shoes opanak. The important remark is that during the kolo, observer can often notice discord between dance vlasinka kolo vocal background. Many rituals from Leskovac area were preserved. Original costumes from Leskovac area.

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Women wear long black plush skirts, white embroidered shirts under richly embroidered vests libadabelt around waist pafta and adorned high-heel slippers. The names of dances are: Women wear weaved skirts futecolorful aprons, white embroidered dresses, dark jelek and white kerchiefs around their heads. Desa Djordjevic Time length: European Festival of Serbian Folklore, Pale Women wear vlasinka kolo linen shirts that shirt is from neck to kol longdark-blue short-sleeved or sleeveless jacket made of heavy cloth and embroidered on the back sadak or zobunmassive necklace vlasinka kolo their breasts, usually made of jolo silver vlasinoa gold coins gerdan or zveke.


Milorad Lonic Time length: The goal of the Association is to uphold authentic folklore tradition and culture through dances, songs, and folk costumes.

kolo vlasinka

The jingling of that necklace establishes the rhythm of a dance. All of them have opanak as footwear. Its main features are fast syncope-steps, comical and theatrical moves, and occasionally, vocal background and rivalry of the dancers during dance.

Women wear home-made vlasinka kolo dresses with darker embroidery around sleeves, weaved fringed apron, dark-blue zobun made of heavy cloth hemmed with dark-red narrow stripes and a cap on vlasinka kolo head. It’s role in the cultural life of Sarajevsko-romanijska region BiH and larger area is very important. On the sleeves of their shirts there are several red ribbons.

This is choreography which preserved authenticity and satisfy all stage requirements. The main characteristic of these dances are elegant and refined short steps, combined with slow body swinging, which gives them a particular charm.