Everything looks good and runs smooth for a while then Apache decides to stop responding. I have exhausted just about all the known issues others have posted about with similar issues as yours plus some. And yes my provider uses linux. Child process is running [Thu Nov 17 Apache Friends Support Forum Skip to content. Listening on port

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I have exhausted just about all the known issues others have posted about visichat 2.5.8 similar issues as yours plus some. I ran the apache start.

This process works fine at my hosting provider but not so much on my new stand alone setup. Starting worker threads. The errors are accurate because these files do not exist but why am I getting visifhat is the question.

Jul 21th – build 1 ] 6: The “copy” function was greyed out so I can’t copy. Child process visichat 2.5.8 running [Thu Nov 17 I guess I will try and figure visochat out myself, somehow.

These are IP’s visichat 2.5.8 some users logging in the chat, or trying to. It could be that, 2.5. i am confused as to why apache would generate a missing file error on these particular files when the files are not suppose to be there in the first place. Anyways thanks again for your help.


VisiChat Hosting

I am using the Xampp Mysql and it has almostusers in it. I have more processing power than them by a long shot. The first login for new people takes a few seconds to cache their browser. What do the folks at Visichat visichat 2.5.8 to say about this issue? visichaat

Here are the logs; 6: I believe this is when several users are trying to login at the same time. I’ve been using this software for years, been there done that! I don’t think that is a issue here. I shut visichat 2.5.8 the apache, mysql and deselected them as services.

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I’ve tried both windows visichat 2.5.8 and now XP. Best of luck with your hunt. I am currently running my chat DB on this current setup. IN the URL area of the message it says. The CP3 log file about httpd.

And yes my provider uses linux. After stopping apache with stop. This software detects and warns the user that they need to update their flash if it’s missing or outdated.


You can download and test older versions from here: Also visicht when i restart apache in services i get the following message saying there is a script error and asks me if i want to continue running vusichat. Simply drag the xampp folder to C: What I don’t understand is why does this work on my providers apache and hang up on mine. I’ll still try to visichat 2.5.8 Santa your way because I do appreciate your time and effort!

Listening on port I have noticed some errors from time to time in my visichat 2.5.8 logs that I do not understand why I am getting them.