Explore the latest news and trends. We use cookies to offer you a great app store! Easy to install, running discretely in the background, VIRUSfighter Server will stop viruses from destroying your company data, and has been completely re-engineered to be fast to deploy and use minimum system resources. Every time a new virus outbreak occurs, an effective antidote is quickly released and automatically installed – you don’t have to lift a finger. This was for test purposes only. Unfortunately, many programs are difficult to install correctly, giving users a false sense of security.

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Every time a new virus outbreak occurs, an effective antidote is quickly released and installed — you don’t have to lift a finger. However, it is not designed to fully protect your computer against virusfighter antivirus or spam, virusfighter antivirus you need other security tools for that type of coverage. VIRUSfighter is a simple and effective solution that is not as complicated as the cockpit in a Boeing The application runs discreetly in the background, using its real-time scanner to monitor accessed files, Internet downloads, e-mail attachments and automatically removing possible threats.

Free Antivirus for Android Smartphone & Tablet – VIRUSfighter-Android

FREE Updates for new versions and threats delivered to your device! Keeping virusfithter computer virus free is the number one priority of security software and in this case we gave VIRUSfighter a thumbs up.

See More Tools Apps. In addition, our Advisors help you identify various areas of risk so that you can take preventative measures to fully secure your device. We also found the interface to be easy to use as well. Together, they provide a very secure, effective and user-friendly solution for keeping your computer free of viruses, spam and phishing activities. With the number virusfighter antivirus threats for Android devices growing at an alarming rate, VIRUSfighter Android PRO helps protect your valuable files, antivirrus and network against emerging threats from virus writers and identity thieves.


Easy to Use Installation was easy and each time there was a new threat, angivirus engine updated itself. Also, it can run on game mode, which means that it can lower its system resources requirements during your gaming sessions. Start Download for Windows. Security Advisor antividus Identifies potential security holes by looking at the various “entry” points to your device. Virusfighter antivirus Advisor – Find out if your account info, contacts, messages and other private data are accessible.

See our price comparison page here. SPAMfighter employs 11 people, based in Copenhagen. It virusfighter antivirus a user-friendly virus scanner antivurus that is easy to install on your computer.

VIRUSfighter Review

Explore the latest news and trends. We’ve taken special consideration to ensure that VIRUSfighter Android Pro is easy-to-use while running quickly and seamlessly in the background without reducing battery life. Each day, SPAMfighter removes around 2. VIRUSfighter is your protection against your machine being destroyed by a virus.

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VIRUSfighter is a very user-friendly anti virus software that is easy to install and is your virusfighter antivirus protection against viruses and other malicious software destroying your computer.

Do not run more than one antivirus on your computer, at any given time, as this might make your computer unstable. But the new Pope makes us optimistic on antifirus front.


We do believe, that the foundation for a good work environment virusfighter antivirus with fast, secure and high performing computers. VIRUSfighter will protect your machine against the latest and legacy threats, stopping viruses and other malware from destroying your valuable data and programs. As the number of online threats is continuosly growing, computer users become aware of the importance of an effective protection solution for their system.

For more information about online protection and our other products please visithttp: The ‘Quick Virusfighter antivirus is fast, but the more thorough ‘Full Scan’ option is worth considering once in a while, in order to make sure that your PC is really safe. It’s not any more: All security tools identified the threats.

VIRUSfighter Server is an ultra-lightweight, very fast, simple to use and low-cost server antivirus solution for Windows servers, that uses low system resources, so vorusfighter are always protected, without slowing down your server. The virusfighter antivirus is easy to install, and runs discreetly in the background, protecting your system while you work without being obtrusive and interrupting the way that you work.