Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 5: Cannot work without it as a pro-wedding-DJ. Any chance its “disabled”. Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 1: Posted Sat 13 Aug 16 4: The buttons and knobs on the controller are actually functioning correctly it turns out, but the display isn’t, which can be pretty disconcerting in the middle of a set.

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Posted Tue 15 May 12 3: Sounds firmware related, however Denon is likely not going back to fix a problem with this controller since it’s no longer made. I’ve mapped that function to the spacebar and it works fine, but I bought THIS controller so that I would not have to touch the laptop.

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The MC sends the CF data, however then for some reason stops. Cannot work without it as a pro-wedding-DJ. I tried posting something on the Denon DJ forum and the response I received from Denon made little sense and did nothing to solve my problem. Let me take a look and I will come back to you Any chance its “disabled”.

The video transition button is a dual side setup. I’m becoming rather disappointed malping the fact that this isn’t functioning as advertised and that I’m not getting useful responses from Denon.


I had restarted windows before but I hadn’t turned the controller off prior before. I was hoping that someone else had come across this and would be able to offer a simple fix.

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On the right side the same button controls the video effect. Posted Wed 16 May 12 I understand the default mapping for the MC and it looks like it makes sense, but I’m having no luck getting it to operate as advertised.

The video transition button is on the left when jd are being controlled by the MCbutton number 4. The second problem is that when I adjust volume for samples, the sampler slot display goes crazy, scrolling the names of each of the different samples loaded and the volume knob bounces around.

Posted Tue 05 Jun 12 Posted Wed 16 May 12 5: I found that if you close VDJ, however leave the controller connected to the computer Either Mac or PCand power off the MC power button on the back and then power it back on, it works perfectly for as long as you need to use it. Did you try to update the firmware of the unit to the latest version?

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Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 1: However, reading the previous comments had me check the “CF MODE” button and neither mc000 audio nor the video light is lit up. I have been a Pro Full owner for a few months.


Posted Tue 05 Sep 17 5: I am running windows 10, however the old version that I was using on windows 10 had it working. Posted Sat 13 Aug 16 4: What it boils down to is that ALL of the default mappings aren’t actually responding the way they should. Posted Fri 19 Aug 16 1: I did confirm that it is not disabled in the options menu. Moves but not affecting Sound? Denon MC Mapping Problem. However, I’m having some pretty major mapping issues.

Unfortunately girtual only times their help line is manned is when I’m at work, so that does me no good. This is all so convoluted! Kind of bugs me to hear incorrect information from a rep for the company that makes the equipment.