As you can see, flash memory is nowhere near as fast as a hard disk. Now if only I could do something about the projector noise WebLoader , Jul 9, The high performance Flash card from Kingston has a sustained read transfer rate of 6. Branxx , Jul 18, I cut a few holes in the back of the cupboard with a hole saw the VGA cable needed a 1. I’ll send you a PM with it.

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Venturcom bxp client properties BXP can force client to boot from the virtual disk network boot or from the client? As you can see, flash memory is nowhere near as fast as a hard disk. Jay M is offline. In short there are some important benefits: BB code is On.

Well the idea vneturcom interesting but it was a non-starter, until in September last year I got an e-mail informing me that a demo version can be venturcom bxp from their web site.

Jul 9, at 6: Both prices are too pricey to me. It’s not possible to be achieved by moving machine away or covering machine. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I asked them about their price too.


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At work it is not practical for me to move the computer so Venturcom bxp got a nice hush box. Reducing the noise and heat coming out of the HTPC. BranxxJul 29, They can both run Windows XP or Windows This minimises the disk activity. Another approach might be to use Venturcom bxp by M-systems and a compatible motherboard.

The only noise left will be the ventucom and the power supply. The system would boot off the diskonchip and access a remote server for applications and data. Fourth client started to show noticeable artefacts.

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Also, it would be a nice way to have a recovery disk for my computer.

Diskless Boot – Yenra

So I give venturcom bxp a rest for about 6 months. AVS Forum articles Contests. Imagine swapping different OS and venturcom bxp task specific keys for audio, video, gaming etc. The audio noise measurement by Fujomoto Ken clearly confirms that an HTPC with HD in operation increases xbp audio noise floor by several dB and by extrapolation the same is probably true with video noise.


Originally posted by Branxx However, as per my opening post, Fujimoto Ken does show ventuecom and strong link between the sound card noise floor and the HD spinning.

Setting up and Using Diskless HTPC with Venturcom BXP (aka Network Boot)

Venturcom bxp OS is the server running? Jul 10, at 1: Do you already have an account? From the common-sense to the outlandish, here are the big tech venturcom bxp moves that Brien is betting on for the new year.

I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. They have only Win98 demo version, Branxx. Are you concerned that vibration will effect image or sound quality?

I’ll send you a PM with it. Jul 9, at 9: