However, “wealth” does not simply mean ordinary wealth as assumed by many people nowadays, though it is also a part of it. Aaryamaa January 23, at 9: Aaryamaa January 23, at 8: Bhu and Nila are distinct consorts, who serve ShrI and assist her in her function of purushakAratva. What story says so? We do not even need a pramANa to come to this conclusion. Aditi Singh January 3, at 4:

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I also remember that she is mentioned as different from Lakshmi by implication.

However, “wealth” does not simply mean ordinary velkkkudi as assumed by many people nowadays, though it is also a part of it. She was the daughter of Kumbhaka, the brother of Yashoda. She was just a jIva. Tulasi-devi is a distinct goddess who is revered for her connection velukkudi bhagavatam bhagavAn.

Sri udi Krishan Swamy Srimad Bhagavatam.P-6

No idea as to ghagavatam she was, most likely a puNyAtma who had the special favor velukkudi bhagavatam the Lord. The forms of all divine speech Vaangmayam and the swaryam VibhUthi: Please understand that it is not right to say there are “two saraswatis, two shrIs” etc. What of the gopis and gopas of Krishna lila? Aaryamaa June 19, at 8: Neeladevi is mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam as the one whom Krishna wed after taming 7 velukkudi bhagavatam in svayamvara.


Dear Aditi Singh, I do not know what the source of your information is. Aaryamaa January 24, at 2: Aaryamaa Bhagavatma 22, at Additionally, the medha sUktam in the vedas is a praise of lakshmi as the goddess of knowledge. As an afterthought, you keep mentioning the shanti parva.

Similarly, are there also 2 shrI-s? I confess ignorance on the subject. There is also another point of significance. We say that Sarasvati is the goddess of knowledge and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth.

In such a case, why resort to saraswati, DakshiNAmUrthy, etc when one can directly velukkhdi hayagrIva? Narayanastra — Defending Vaishnavism as the supreme Vedic position.

Srimad Bhagavatam Day 1 Part 3 | Velukkudi Sri U.Ve.Krishnan Swamy

Dear Krishna, Thank you for your comment. Neela Devi is not Saraswati. Aaryamaa January 23, at 8: Anonymous November vslukkudi, at Performing the pUja for brahma-saraswati falls velukkudi bhagavatam the category of incorrect worship as stated by krishNa in the gIta.


Pancharatra Bhagaatam describe how to achieve both material fruits and Moksha. Aaryamaa January 24, at 8: This difference is velukkudi bhagavatam be noted. Her namesake, the consort of Brahma, is a lesser deity who attained her knowledge from hayagrIva’s aMSha.

Shiva’s prayers to Narasimha Varaha Purana: Now I can see things better in context. I am also talking about another part where Saraswati is considered as the speech of Narayana. You are bhUti, medha, sraddha and sarasvati.

AasamsAram vithathamakhilam vAngmayam yadhvibhUthi: