This post has been removed my same mistaken thing. It looks like the migration did eat up the code. It has already helped me a lot. I get data for 3 metrics disk. HI, I want to assign a static IP to the virtual machine.


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Hello William, I have followed your post word-by-word. I want to assign a static IP to the virtual machine.

To enable vcsim, you will need to add some configuration entries into the vpxd. Does this allow for simulation of any network connectivity or shared storage allocations? Probably fixing it here will save others some time. I initially noticed vcsim during some of my early beta testing of vSphere 5. Having said all of this, no amount of simulation can ever replace actual testing of a real system and any development made using vcsim should be validated against an actual vSphere environment.

This post has been removed my same mistaken thing.


At this point, you are probably ready to start playing with vcsim and even though this is an internal tool, if you think this is something that is useful to have or have other use cases for, please leave a comment. This leads me to think if vcenter services is actually reading this file. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. HI, I want to assign a static IP to the virtual machine.


More from my site New vCenter Server Simulator 2. Awhile back there was project called simDK created by Andrew Kutz that did something similar but only supported reading information from vCenter Server, it did not support any actual operations. All that I see in the web client and c client is only the vCenter Hostname. It also supports a hybrid configuration where you can mix both simulated and actual ESXi hosts and virtual machines since it is an actual vCenter Server.

For Clusters its giving even more. I have the same issue Evaluation Mode: I get data for 3 metrics disk. Hi William, Great Post!

Quick Tip – VCSIM no longer works in VCSA 6.0

Thanks a lot William. Please let me know whether it possible to perform SRM related stuffs using this?


I think this is something useful with our business, I could do my research regarding this one to see if it will work with rfid inventory solutions app. Is it possible to modify IP address of the VMs in simulator? Before we dive into using vcsim, I wanted to go through a few use cases where a tool such as this would be useful:.


Hello… Can this be used to simulate vMotions? Metric collection setting for cluster is altogether absent. I understand that this is applicable for vCSA only!!

Quick Tip – VCSIM no longer works in VCSA

A very informative vcim. But strangely none of these metrics are configured in the metricMetadata. It does not seem possible, but I am just learning about this tool. There is not a whole lot there to work with and curious if anyone has made any headway here?

Call vCenter REST API with vcsim simulator – Stack Overflow

As the post indicates, this only works with the VC appliance which is Linux based. When you log back into your vCenter Server, you now should see the new inventory based on your configurations. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar You are here: This is shown in detail further in the article.

This is indeed awesome.