If you have more than one active language they will be able to change it, otherwise they will be locked into the default language of your choice. Net speed is the total typing speed with the errors calculated into the result more information about typing results in Appendix 1. The final test is passed only if the test taker has an accuracy percentage greater or equal to the limit set here. The difficulty index is based on the amount of mistyped keys and corrections that you have made in the lessons, games and typing test. Microsoft Office File Converter Pack 7. Please see the detailed instructions on that page for how to import users.

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The set up instructions open in a browser window by default after the install is completed.

TypingMaster Online/Intra — Administrator Manual

TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor 7. If you are experiencing problems with the ActiveX version we recommend choosing typingmaster intra “Java only” option.

Get access to hours of versatile training material – for free! Otherwise you will need to select one, the Java Virtual Machine you select must be Java 1. After the first time the typing tutor will appear noticeably faster when loaded again.

When you select this you will be taken to the typing test screen. Note that typing tests are arranged in other Manager sections, not on the test texts page, which is used merely to manage the texts. In the Java tutor there is a Typing Test icon at typingmaster intra bottom, in the Windows tutor one of the menu options.


This license limits the number of computers that you run the typing tutor from. In this exercise, you type out sentences using the keys that you are practicing. To view all users, set “View users in.

Typingmaster intra on “Save” to make your changes.

Typing master Free Download

This simple game is a test in typing speed. Catchysoft Typing Tutor 1.

To edit typingmqster settings. Full access to the Study Area typingmaster intra to the Manager For more information on different user types see Chapter 3. If you are using the personal firewall, it might now pop up a message and ask typingmaster intra the permission to open a selected port for Java.

Teacher users can only change their personal settings and no other intrra are shown to them on this page. Login Link is the link that to your TypingMaster account.

If an error occurred, an error message in red will give you more information. When you begin a course, you will be taken to the Studying page. See Chapter 8 Typingmaster intra for more details. With this setting it is possible to change the effect errors have on the total typing speed. This game is a variation of the classic Tetris.


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You can also view the status, your progress and the time you have spent studying the course. It also stops the typing tutor from being launched. Click here to view all results. Choose keyboard layout for users. Note that when launching the typing tutor the very first time, it may take some time to load. Install Once – Use Typingmaster intra Once installed to typingmastsr intr This course teaches you to efficiently use all the special marks on your keyboard.

Administrators and teachers have access to the Manager and the Study Area. Second highest level user account. Select whether to allow or typingmaster intra the use of backspace to correct typing errors during exercises.

The difference is that the speed and accuracy you type for these tests is used as a Course Score, this is the main score for that course.