See offer for details. It also lacks choirs and operatic vocals from Vibeke Stene. Showing of 20 reviews. Gothic music is a style which always rends to hamstring itself with an overly restrictive view of its own atmosphere. Well, I must say that Ashes until now is my favourite Tristania album, I can tell that this is a masterpiece! Terms and conditions apply.

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I stand with you now, my friend Tristania ashes razor tongue is licking your rosy cheeks and battered ears I whisper sordid secrets that are neither true nor false I hold your hand in defiance Amplify your feeble voice against evil I hold your spine and shake most violently.

TommyAJanuary 25th, I enjoyed “Equalibrium”, “Cure” and “Endogenisis” the best, probably because they were the most similar to the style that I was familiar with.

Track Listings

The rest tristania ashes the CD slowly dwindles into mediocrity, rarely offering anything that will be remembered tristania ashes the end of the album. Atmospheric layered guitars both electric and acoustic are tristania ashes the forefront of the sound as well as an increase of clean male vocal duties by Osten which are as good as ever.

But you can only wonder about the greatness of any band that either of them was fronting exclusively. Aug 22 at 5: No choirs anymore, no bombastic sound. Similar to Tristania ashes Coil’s disastrous ‘Karmacode’, this trstania is really just nu-metal trustania goth rock drag. They’re simply not talented enough to make good pop-rock songs, and apparently unwilling to really harness the intensity of their early work, leaving them high and dry and without any real dimension of their own.


When the multifaceted Morten Veland resigned his position as chief composer in the widely acclaimed Norwegian goth outfit Tristania to focus all of his energy into his new brainchild Sirenia, the remaining members were at an utter loss on a creative level.

It starts out with some heavy growling but evolves quickly into a pretty ballad style, ethereal number, featuring clean vocals by Vibeke and Osten with an occasional growl.

Nice contrast, which makes it one of the better songs on the album. A friendly push Off the cliff — is all I need A sudden change Or a smile Could make me feel alive, Anything to take the ignorance away.

More by Tristania

The songs have a strange yet teistania atmosphere. See all 20 reviews. Oh, and you’ll find some really good album art. I have to say that, without considering the earlier albums, I think this one is ok.

Tristania ashes silver light is overthrown Rejoice with me for we have denominated the devil And I trustania get to fulfil my own. Most diverse Tristania album thus far and very worthwhile if you truly appreciate its metallic beauty. They are the atmosphere of this album. If Vibeke is one of your favorite things about Tristania then tristania ashes will probably be one of your favorite songs on the album.

Tristania – Ashes – Music

They will also probably hear Vibeke Stene’s vocals here and hope they shine brighter for the remainder of the album. And it’s in this restriction that Tristania tristania ashes miserably.

This aashes around with an astounding seven members. There is a very laid back approach to the song writing here.


However, there is a track where Vibeke is the only singer; “Cure” in which she sounds incredible. This is the slowest dance The dance of a thousand years The dance of the frozen statues Clinging together in tears.

None of the material on ‘Ashes’ is intense or heavy enough to match them, so they just end tristxnia sounding incongruous and thrown in at the last moment because the band remembered what sort of crowd they had before. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Unfortunately, “extreme” screamer Kjetil Ingebrethsen seems extraneous, and his standard “cookie monster” style allows very little tristania ashes.

I can understand the original backlash because this album is far different than asges they have ever released before. It has an slower tristania ashes sad texture and also features Vibeke singing solo. However, the bad thing is that there is no version which contains “The Gate” only. Apparently a lot of people like this, so I won’t be able to convince them otherwise, but please, for the sake of the metal scene, quit supporting bands who do stuff like this.

Although I hear a lot of reviewers say this is the most direct Tristania album, I might say it tristania ashes the least direct Tristania album.