Also, the team employs all manner of second-hand military equipment to knock down a row of derelict houses, aiming to complete the job in less time than a team of demolition experts. The specials include some of the most memorable, and rubbish challenges, as well as many lesser-known, but no-less destructive, adventures. They then drive to Majorca to take part in a classic car rally. Jeremy attempted to drive a diesel-powered Audi A8 Quattro with a V8 engine miles on one tank of fuel. Episodes duration 60 TV Show ratings 8. Richard was in Iceland for a race against a jet-powered kayak – he drove the Tomcat 4×4.

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The lads take some convertibles to Iceland. The American ‘bling’ machine, the Cadillac Escalade, is driven by Richard who probably wished he couldn’t drive after five minutes behind the wheel. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May bring relief to flood-stricken areas of Britain by building a s19e8 that can turn into a hovercraft.

Matt LeBlanc and Chris S19f08 embark on an all-season US road trip in the latest convertible supercars from Lamborghini and Porsche, journeying from broiling desert to snowy mountain. S16E06 80s Supercar Nirvana. Because he had not got the hang of the crane, he accidentally top gear s19e08 it sideways, destroying both the shed and the seat.

Top Gear | Rating Graph

S00E69 Patagonia Special 2. In the season finale, host Richard Hammond guides viewers through another batch of the most disastrous outcomes from past seasons of Top Gear.


This was geqr the makers described the interior of the car as ‘lounge concept’. Also, s19f08 team employs all manner of second-hand military equipment to knock down a row of derelict houses, aiming to complete the job in less top gear s19e08 than a team of demolition experts.

Calendar – November 2007

The presenters manage to finally find a good use for caravans after they try to make train travel cost less, faster and more interesting. Jeremy Clarkson drives the new Jaguar F-type sports car on some of Britain’s finest roads, James May takes the New Bus for London for a nice top gear s19e08 out in the country, and Richard Hammond tests the new Range Rover Sport off-road, on track and in its most natural habitat, the lanes of Cheshire.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May attempt to prove that cars can be art by taking over an entire modern art gallery in Middlesbrough and filling it with motoring-related works, including some top gear s19e08 creations of their own. S00E42 Best of Season 17 and 18 4. Another day, another Porsche, but will Jeremy be able to tell the difference between this new Turbo and the old one? The star in a reasonably priced car is the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

S00E31 Best of Season 15 2. The Stig drives off the end of an aircraft carrier!? During the explosion one wall of the shed James built is smashed. The lads take a caravanning holiday in Dorset.

Top Gear, Season 19

S00E43 50 Years of Top gear s19e08 Cars. James is given the task of setting a new land speed record for a car s19e088 a caravan. Also featured is a Volvo which runs on vegetable oil. They are sent to a Wyevale Garden Centre to pick up supplies, returning with their desired equipment.


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BMW enter the small hatchback market with the launch of their 1 series – James drives it and wonders why they bothered. Summary tkp best clips, season 1.

Top Gear S19 E#8 – 0 Available subtitles – english | opensubtitles.

Jeremy test drives the new Audi R8 V10 Spyder and the latest version of Porsche’s enduring Turbo cabriolet to see how they compare. A Nissan Sunny – the car Tpp hates more than any other is also destroyed in the same manner. To prove road travel can be more luxurious than taking the train.

James and Richard played darts with cars and one more caravan was removed from the roads. Jeremy se rend en Italie pour prendre le volant de top gear s19e08 Superleggera Disco Volante. Highlights from Season 3.

S14E01 Grand Tour of Romania. Season 14 Search for the season Download. S00E86 Burma Special 2.