What a resource you are!! Your knowledge of the inner workings of Photoshop amazes me. Thank you very much Tony Kuyper for this tool. The bit-depth of the image, on the other hand, is describing the amount of color information each pixel can display 65, levels for each color channel in RGB. The traditional way to make them was to select the entire image and then subtract off one Lights-series mask and one Darks-series mask.

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Luminosity Masks—Original Tutorial

There are many ways to use luminosity masks when developing images in Photoshop. Sean Bagshaw Videos —Sean Bagshaw is an expert user of luminosity masks, and his video series Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks, 2nd edition has helped many photographers learn to use luminosity masks successfully in their photographs.

The Basic V6 panel makes it easy to incorporate these methods into the workflow simply by clicking tony kuyper luminosity masks couple buttons. The equivalent set-up for Calculations is shown below.

Anne Marie’s website has some uniquely original and well-crafted images. While I have been wanting to offer video instruction on these methods in response to customer requests, I’ve not had time to work on this project. While it contains some familiar features from previous versions, the code was completely rewritten to take advanage of the latest advances in luminosity masks and to provide a better user experience.

Thanks again, Carlos Like Like. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. First is that I work on a Windows-based computer running Photoshop CS when this tutorial was written The last button clicked retains an accent-colored shadow.


Tony kuyper luminosity masks WordPress blog unfortunately does a terrible job when it comes to images. This page has several different panels for making luminosity masks and an excellent selection of videos by Sean Bagshaw. The Darks-series just requires one change at the start. Smaller, smarter, faster, and more fun to use, it is the ultimate resource to understand, access, and add luminosity masks to a creative workflow. Users see masks up front to make intelligent choices about which one to use.

Sean was a teacher before he became tony kuyper luminosity masks full-time photographer. Thank you very much for making it super easy to use and have the ability to always refer to the quick help sections in the panels.

Midtone selections were created by first selecting the entire image and then subtracting off a Lights-series mask and a Darks-series mask.

They look at the brightness each pixel and then group together similar tones across the image. Notify me of new comments via email.

It will serve to clear some smoke and chatter that has been going on for a while. The panel can be tont placed above any standard Photoshop panel or docked at the side of the workspace.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hide Comments I meant to tell you how well I like your web sharpening actions.

Luminosity Masks

Please visit them when you have time. TK Basic V6 panel: In fact, in my own tests I thought it would be more pronounced but the natural feathering of the 8-bit masks luminpsity to work perfectly well in most situations. You have really out done yourself. Nearly 5 hours of video in 43 segments MP4 format for compatibility with most video players x pixel video size to enhance msaks Sample images to allow users to work along with the videos Topics range from the basic construction of luminosity masks to their artistic application with different adjustment layers.


The TKActions V5 panel is no longer a tony kuyper luminosity masks mega-panel that tries to include everything in one space. Last year Luminosiity started to receive email questions about whether luminosity selections change the bit depth of selected pixels from bit to 8-bit.

Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks Panel

Sean Bagshaw’s otny are an integral part of the TK-Actions system and, as with the previous videos, they are so easy to follow but at the same time detailed. The newest innovations are listed below. The 8-bit tony kuyper luminosity masks of selection is only determining how adjustments get passed to the pixels below.

Luminosity masks are great at shepherding detail and brilliance adjustments to the desired tones in the image and feathering them seamlessly, but the bit depth of the mask will have little effect on the how this actually looks in the image.

It also runs Photoshop from one compact module and provides scripts to play complex actions to enhance an image.