I am convinced that this book at best had never been written; or after heavy editing measures, in many parts separated, serve as a cabaret draft. As the show and the showman become a runaway hit, he is wooed by different parties and gets a book contract – and at the end of the novel we realise with a shudder that Hitler is slowly re-emerging. Under this American System, every policy decision we make must pass a simple test: And I think I am finding the point when I look at some of the negative reviews. Do you notice that he talks about teenagers being killed by cars because of his order, and that he’s fine with that? Yet here, I have to admit that it was a disadvantage not to have read the whole book.

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Creative and fascinating to read.

Er ist wieder da by Timur Vermes

View all 10 comments. The Bier Garden scene is roll-on-the-floor funny c. Let’s take a closer look. It was surreal to be reading this during the lead-up to the elections in the Eobok.

So, what can the former dictator do in the age of reality TV shows, consumerism, EU and Neo-capitalism? Feel free to do so, I’d love to hear other thoughts on this book and my review.

Er Ist Wieder Da: Timur Vermes: : Books

Which is a pretty accurate portrayal of our society Speaking of Germany here, but if you’re from the US you should also check your views on those topics, just to be sure. The murderer of all these people is not a comic figure. There is timru and satire here, even a bit of science-fiction.


It does say vermee lot about the world today that we would very likely find this kind of thing ‘post-modern’, ironic, and think ourselves very witty for declaring it so. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Anyway, the German version is hilarious as some of the puns couldn’t work in English.

But the passage is only five pages long. The following scene shows Adolf in conversation with his secretary, Fraulein Kromeier, who has just told him that she cannot work for him any more.

I have shown my draft to a number of tumur and met varying reactions. So why do you complain? If you’ve read the book, you should say “No! As you can see it’s taken me 2 months to read, and whilst that is n Well if I could I would give it 3.

Er ist wieder da

Er ist wieder da 1. Try to cut that all out – nobody would read it. Get to Know Us. We have no problem working with them. Hitler wakes up in modern Berlin, in the summer ofis quite confused at first, but, as he so proudly sieder out Repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedlyhe’s the kind of guy who’s so focused on achieving his goal that he ignores the fact that 1. Using his own name, he’s considered a comedian, even as he espouses his old ideology. My review on Amazon went live today.


Adolf would still be the fictional Hitler, but no prizes for guessing that we would forget this over the course of pages. Advice to fledgling authors: Is this the point?

Er ist wieder da 5. I even laughed with Hitler’s character once.

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Although I enjoyed reading the novel for my own purposes–to exercise my German and find out what all the talk in Germany was about–I’m not sure I’d recommend this to American readers.

View all comments. You have my word. And as we are supposed to see the world through Hitler’s eyes, we are isf to discover that for the most part, these eyes are not those of an evil psychopath, but allow insights into the inner workings of a reasonably normal person, a person with strengths and weaknesses, timuur person who is uncertain at times, experiences pain and joy, and can be charming.