Remote access enables users to access their desktops and applications from outside the organisation, whether they be travelling abroad, working from home or at a customer site. Downloadable server software It is now possible to download the server software, from http: This can be done without any client side video decoder software or specialized handling of video. It is possible to access your client’s local drives in your CSRW session. The remote session will automatically resize when the size of the local browser window changes, the tablet is rotated, etc. Support for systems with multiple monitors has been greatly enhanced.

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Please give consideration to this. Each disconnected session retains one of a limited number of thinlinc. The first time you launch ThinLinc client, the login window contains the following items by default:.

End-users’ desktops and applications are published from a central thinlinc, providing a seamless tthinlinc familiar environment regardless of which device the user is connecting from or where they are located. However, do not use drag and drop or click and drag to copy large multi-gigabyte files. Try before you buy – sign up for an account on one of our demo servers, or download ThinLinc directly for local installation.



ThinLinc – a remote desktop server from Cendio | ThinLinc by Cendio

Clients are available for a wide variety of platforms. Download and install Thinlinc and thinlinc a fully functional system for up to thinlinc concurrent users for free. Individual use and small groups Cendio AB offers this option for individuals and smaller user groups. If you encounter this issue, follow the instructions in Troubleshoot Research Desktop for exiting full-screen mode or terminating ThinLinc Client.

It is possible to access your client’s local drives in your CSRW session. The embedded PulseAudio server, which is used for audio redirection, has received a major upgrade.

When you are finished configuring options, click OK to return to the ThinLinc Client login window, and then refer to the instructions below to connect to RED.

Contacting us at demosupport cendio. Disconnect leaves the thinlinc running on the server with the ability to reconnect to it. It is thinlinc smaller and twice as fast. Free for one concurrent user. Thinlinc demo system allows you to get started testing ThinLinc in just minutes.

The RED window should open thinlinc a few seconds. If a client device is lost or damaged, any data remains safe on the server and available for access at all times. Views Read Edit View history.


How to get started. This allows 3D applications such as Google Earth to run with good performance.

How to get started | ThinLinc by Cendio

Internet software for Linux Remote administration software Remote desktop. Use your Computer Science Linux credentials to log in. Servers are regularly rebooted for maintenance. Download and install the client before continuing. Logout ends the session on the server and is the recommended method. An Italian translation has been added. LinuxOS XThinlinc. ThinLinc is a fast thinlinc versatile remote desktop solution.

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thinlinc The Options button is available by clicking on the Advanced button on the log in dialogue. This means that a organization can use tginlinc to 5 concurrent users for free. New events will be posted here as soon as details become known. All thinlinc Recent releases 4. Compatibility with Mac OS X