The Moon Photo Viewer can overlay text labels of any or all of the following lunar features, including: Print high-resolution star charts on your printer for field use. Choose from a database of hundreds of telescopes, eyepieces, and cameras to define the field of view, or create a custom FOV if you desire. We are astronomers at heart and truly enjoy helping fellow amateurs achieve success in the field! Use this command to toggle between looking at the sky from Earth or from outer space anywhere inside our solar system. Outline craters and other features. Show the entire screen and the entire desktop predominantly red to preserve the eyes’ dark adaptation or night vision.

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You’ll never be lost in space! The net result is faster, more attentive service from the Manufacturer and an enhanced customer experience.

Will TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition work with my Scope – Software Bisque

The object’s name appear in green letter if it’s currently above the horizon, or in black italicized letters when it’s below the horizon. Show them as separate windows, or drag and drop them anywhere around the Star Chart window. Select any object type or all object types and easily adjust the upper and lower magnitudes and the maximum and minimum angular sizes of objects that are shown on the Sky Chart. Show proper motion arrows or proper motion “vectors” that specify the magnitude and direction of the star’s motion over time.

Comets and asteroids can be updated from the web by entering the object’s name. Windows 7 Windows Vista: Turning on thsskyx off the many different object classifications or “chart elements” is theskyx serious astronomer edition with the Chart Elements tab on the Command Center. When this command is enabled, the starry background is turned off by default and only the objects in our solar system are displayed. Contact us at info highpointscientific.


Mirror image reverses the Sky Chart, left-to-right. This lets theskyx serious astronomer edition view the sky as you would through a telescope with an erect, but laterally reversed image. Show detailed drawings for all editikn selected constellations. You made the commitment to purchase, now you want that new item fast, we get it!

Automatically adjust the star chart for your location to look North, South, East, West or straight up at the Zenith. Show any field of view, from degrees to 30 arcseconds.

Software Bisque strongly discourages using Windows Vista operating system for a host of reasons. In the event there is a warranty theskyx serious astronomer edition with a product purchased from High Point, we will serve as the liaison between you and the Manufacturer. When is the next solar eclipse? Due to either high demand, or the specific nature of this product, lead times may run longer than other products.

If you have a computerized theskyx serious astronomer edition or mount from a major manufacturer like Celestron, Meade, Takahashi, AstroPhysics, Losmandy, iOptron, Orion, Sky-Watcher, or Vixen, adding this software to your PC or Mac this is the Windows version will allow you to control your telescope from your desktop, and do so from a screen that is rich with graphics and celestial details.

Display a brief history of the source of the lunar feature’s name. Besides providing all of the amazing planetarium features that are part of the Student Edition of TheSkyX, the Serious Edition includes native telescope control, larger astronomical catalogs, the ability to create custom field of view indicators, observing lists and chart elements, plus much more! Choose from a database of hundreds of telescopes, eyepieces, and cameras to define the theskyx serious astronomer edition of view, or create a custom FOV if you desire.


Suppose you want to create an observing list that contains all the double stars from the Washington Catalog of Double Stars that have a spectral type of G5 in Orion. Native Telescope Control is the main reason why an amateur astronomer would choose the Serious Edition over the Student Edition.

Will TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition work with my Scope

Show the longitude and latitude for any point of any location on the Moon. Watch stars move over time due to proper motion. Navigate to any Coordinate: Six standard toolbars contain buttons to access the most frequently used commands.

Specify the viewing time, your optical aid naked eye, binocular, or small telescope and which objects you’re interested in seeing; TheSkyX’s What Up? Show the longitude and latitude of the center of images. The interactive Moon Photo Viewer is a powerful tool that can: The Command Center contains a Chart Status window that shows a continuously updated information about the current chart. Ordered the wrong astrronomer