Until I see violence stop in the real world, all who oppose violence in video games etc. Yet the book is so different to the film. An exhilarating novel that examines New York City teenagers, left behind by society, who form identity and personal strength through their affiliation with their “family,” The Warriors weaves together social commentary with ancient legends for a classic coming-of-age tale. The Warriors by Sol Yurick. So they have to make their way through enemy territory back home, all while their plight parallels that of the Anabasis, a Greek story of a similar theme. The movie is resolutely 70s, the book is definitely 60s, with a lot of 50s holdover every character wears a hat. En route to the other subway station, the gang encounters the Borinquen Blazers, a Puerto Rican gang.

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I’ve been meaning to read this novel for 35 years. I’m sure some will complain about the violence in this. For a book about a gang, it really was lacking in action, but what I did appreciate was the fact that a philosophy behind why the characters chose to be in a gang, the structure, and rituals of the gang, and so on, were included, as well as the social commentary.

The Warriors (Novel)

Life within the welfare bureaucracy led Yurick to conclude that such programmes were designed solely to control the poor. In it was made into a stylish film by Walter Hill. The Warriors Grove Press. At its best, this novel is prime-time Grove Press material.

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As evidenced by the afterword in the book, Yurick was never happy about how the movie turned out, despite it being a sell-out success, as it never reflected his story. When Hinton suggests removing their gang insignia — Mercedes symbols stolen off cars and converted into stick-pins from shop class at school which the gang wears on their hats — he is severely chastised. Its feelgood ending was false to the spirit of the novel. I the warriors sol yurick thhe interest in gang culture or overtly violent themes otherwise but I’ve always appreciated intensity in creative expression wol I imagine nobody reads this without having seen the movie first so I think it’s fair to review the book in comparison with the film.


His parents, Sam and Flo, immigrants from eastern Europe, were communists and trade-union activists. Different to the movie, grittier and reads like a form of social commentary as well as entertainment. This probably reflects my own weirdness more than anything, but you know what I liked most about this book? After much struggle by the various gangs to the warriors sol yurick to this summit location without tipping slo the city’s authorities–no mean feat–the conference falls apart nearly from the get-go; violence erupts and the police storm this all-too-brief gangland utopia.

The Dominators then encounter an individual and start a fight, the girl cheering them on yyrick they take turns stabbing the man with the stolen blade.

Sol Yurick obituary

What he said must be put strongly, more acted than spoken, for the had to be Hooked to stand and hear. During a meeting of all the gangs in New York, being held in the Bronx, the leader of the most powerful gang, Cyrus, is killed by an assassins bullet.

He then finds an arcade, which he plays shootout with a dummy sheriff, winning not once, but twice. Even though, as I mentioned, Yurick’s preface does perhaps more harm than good in overselling his work, it’s still a thought-provoking novel on par with The Outsiders. Only one out of the 6 gets booked and now we the warriors sol yurick 5 that make it home.


A long illness led to a medical discharge in Walter Hill’s film adaptation of Sol Yurick’s novel is one of my favorite movies of the wafriors. View all 10 comments. I chose this book because I found the cover very legit because of the way the Coney Island Denominators looked.

It isn’t often I like the movie better, but here it is most definitely the case.

Sol Yurick obituary | Books | The Guardian

The movie is more of a fantasy in comparison. After a while, the train is stopped due to track work and the gang must take a different route. After a stirring speech, the assembly dissolves into chaos as several dissident gangs begin fighting. It was adapted into a movie in and inspired ykrick video games so, Xbox and PlayStation 2 that were released in Hinton wins, nearly killing himself in the process.

That was more powerful. However, novels aren’t just conceptual no more than science is just theory. There is no suspense or drama really, just a lot of walking and tr How the cult classic movie was derived from this book I will never know. Hector, Lunkface and Darriors run into Riverside Park. There has to be a tangible follow through and utilizing of theory into something, if not coherent, then at least structured.