Edgar grows up on the farm learning to breed dogs with his parents and Almondine, his own dog who is always by his side and in a way speaks for him. The ending sucked and was a total letdown – pure and simple. In addition,I thought that the use of the supernatural was unnecessary and used merely as s convenient narrative device and,in spite of the fact that I often marvel at the innate wisdom of dogs, the over-humanization of the animals in this book is annoying and verges on being Kipplingesque which, in this case, is not a good thing. True, when I was a boy I had a really great purebred Collie who was really a human in disguise, and I still remember him very fondly, forty years on. I have to agree with Stephen King on this one. He carries the reader, with authority and confidence, on a thought-provoking ride.

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The Story of Edgar Sawtelle: A book that provokes such varied reactions both mentally and emotionally within me is a rare book indeed. Edgar might be silent, but his story will echo with readers for a long time.

Problems with rewriting Hamlet as a story about dog-breeders in Wisconsin: It is well written. Sttory got distracted quite a bit while reading this book.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle – Wikipedia

It’s not always pretty. This epic story of a lonely boy, his loyal dog, and his family’s betrayal at the hands of his bitter uncle will not only haunt me for the rest of the summer, but will cause all the other books I pick up this fall to pale in comparison, I suspect.


The Hamlet connection is unnecessary and interferes with our ability to see the book for itself, and unfortunately invites pf comparison in which the imitator necessarily comes off sawtellr on the short side.

But I got ghe all that and then the story really picked up just to have that terrible ending. He pretends to help Edgar take the files out of the barn, grabs the bottle of poison, and when he is not looking, stabs Edgar with a syringe in the burning barn. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

So there you go. Open Preview See a Problem? Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books.

In reality, I kept imagining that it was really a page short story. Quotes from The Story of Edga Attempts at magical realism result in execrable whimsy. This is not just another book, but an emotional engagement that brings with it the satisfaction of literary content and beauty of language. I kept thinking I should pay close attention to all the details because I was sure the author was weaving a complex tapestry that would unfold in a satisfying way. With every question, I returned to the story itself has the ability to lift a book above more average efforts.

Normally, I read books within the constant everyday scrim of interruption.

This is not your fast-paced thriller beach read; this is a novel you want to read carefully and allow to steep and absorb. Tbe I think they lose their own innate dignity when people try to turn them into people.


Yet, there is so much more to this novel. I have to agree with Stephen King storyy this wroblewskki. There are triumphs as well as defeats in store. Inwriter Wentworth Miller acquired the rights of the novel for a feature film for producers Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey. Set in a rural ‘s Wisconsin and gracefully hung on the bones of Hamlet, the story explores the inner life of mute boy Edgar Sawtelle and his amazing invented breed of near- mind-reading dog, simply called the Sawtelle dogs.

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The story is good enough on its own. Very few books disappoint me so completely as the story of Edger Sawtelle. Through signs, Edgar is led to the syringe that most likely killed his father — one that he has seen Claude use before.

This is the first book I purchased with my Kindle in Moscow Art Theatre — Richard Burton East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Jul 30, View all 15 comments.