Lily feels pressure because she embodies theatricality. How rude was she? I have to say that I sort of missed Charlie, the whole group vibe was different with Lilly taking the group leader status. For Ali, in contrast, his note is that she is fantastic and fabulous, and that her lines organically came out of her. Aylin is irritated and visibly tired.

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In the end they complimented Blake, Ali, Aylin, and Shanna on their performances and kept the rest. In the end, he chooses Ali as homework assignment winner, and he announces that this week’s music video song will be When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls.

GLEE PROJECT 2×07 S02E07 Theatricality EPISODE PROMO

Ryan responds that he needs to stop being afraid, if he comes back next week. Abraham does not want to say he’s androgynous because of the teasing he suffered growing up. Lily complains about the conflicting direction she was given in choreography, and Ryan and Zach defend Zach, saying that she was told to be a character, not exactly Cyndi Hhe, but someone other than herself.

Next, Grant says that Nellie also needs confidence, and he notes that she shifts her eyes, indicating that she’s unsure of what she’s doing. Michael tells Blake that he’s worried that he’s being compared to Blake. Robert and Zach are both concerned that Nellie won’t get into the character and let loose. In the human interest video, the contenders express adoration for how Zach teaches them the choreography.


The mentors talk to Nellie about how nervous she felt being in the glee project 2×07 Britney Spears costume, and Zach tells her it feels like they have been begging her to be in the competition and to be more. Aylin misses Charlie, but is determined to win. Lily feels pressure because she embodies theatricality. The mentors tell Ryan Nellie has confidence problems, even while being Britney Spears, and will humor them, but then seems miserable and says ‘Why do you guys keep doing this to me?

He prefers to say that he is “free. Someone sexy, someone that pops, someone cool! Lily is told that the glee project 2×07 projech play a character at all. Lily says that she doesn’t think Michael wants this as the glee project 2×07 as the projct of them, as he gets confidence notes frequently and doesn’t seem to try and change anything.

Does being a muslim make you an underdog? But how does one earn the status of underdog?

Robert gets ready to bring in this week’s guest mentor. She flashes back on her one-on-one session with Grant, where she asks him how projecr find the style of a pop song as she does with a musical theatre song.

Michael and Blake are frustrated because they are friends, but also competitors. Abraham is incredibly bold and incredibly fearful.

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Nellie says she doesn’t want to go home, but she’s grateful for the experience, and she sings Keep Holding On. Nellie Contents [ show ]. He tells them they’ll be grocery store clerks, fantasizing about becoming musical icons. Lily feels Projext Lauper is very like herself. Lily has a feeling she will be going home.


Aylin says that it took her a minute to figure out why they’d choose a Turkish Muslim for Madonna, but then she decided it was because Madonna is “super sexy. Second Abraham performs Stereo Hearts. Also, Shanna is being the perfect contestant, never has she been criticized and her work with that awful meatdress was really amazing.

The Glee Project 2×07 “Theatricality” –

Ali’s in a shopping cart with glitter and a blue wig, so she says she’s in heaven. Aylin is starting to get annoyed with Lily. Robert is very 2xx07 towards Michael, Blake and Ali’s performances, and laughs when Aylin opens soda pop cans with her pointy bra. How rude was she?

This recap actually has become a place for my growing frustrations with some of their decisions!