Before they can resume the duel, Cossacks attack, forcing d’Hubert and Feraud to fight together, rather than each other. The Afghans learned this fighting the Soviets too — if you move, helicopter pilots will see you because their eyes are automatically drawn to motion. It is almost like we see a vignette in their lives that lasts 15 to 20 years. To be sure, the film is highlighted by spectacular cinematography, set design, and wonderfully accurate costumes. When the door was opened after two circuits of the Place du Carrousel , a “sea of blood” poured out; only the colonel survived. SciFi is run by a woman who hates science fiction?!

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The Duellists: it takes two to tangle

This sparked a succession of encounters, waged with sword and pistol, that spanned decades. I have given the matter some thought.

Likewise, it was hard to care much about d’Hubert, if only because his tempered eloquence put off an air of aloofness to his own situation. You must the duellists 1977 a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

How this could be a debut is beyond me, but the other Scott, namely Tony also made a damn fine debut with ‘The Hunger’. The New York Times. Aware that in two weeks time he is to be ghe to major, d’Hubert attempts to slip away but is spotted by Feraud’s perpetual second.


More Top Movies Trailers. I do agree with you about the weaknesses, but for a first time director this was a very strong effort. John McEnery the duellists 1977 2nd Major. On the other hand, although I am a huge Reese Withwerspoon fan and thought she did a reasonable job, Vanity Fair fell into just about every potential trap you te think of. Soon afterwards, Feraud’s regiment is posted to Spain.

The Duellists: it takes two to tangle | Film | The Guardian

Gay Hamilton as Maid. That outcome is not revealed here as it would be an obvious plot spoiler. The duel ends the duellists 1977 d’Hubert returns to his life and happy marriage, while Feraud returns to his provincial 1797. Posted by AndrewPrice at 3: Edit Storyline Set during the grand, sweeping Napoleonic age, an officer in the French army insults another officer and sets off a life-long enmity.

The Duellists () – Cinema Cats

Interestingly, at the same time I made my Joss Whedon comment, the word verification was “firefll”. The duellists 1977 duel au mouchoirin which two men stood close enough each to hold the corner of the same handkerchief in his left hand, almost always resulted in both of them dying horribly in fountains of gore.

Retrieved 10 May As for period pieces I like, I dunno. Duelliss I shall simply declare you dead.


D’Hubert slashes his opponent across the forehead; Feraud, blinded because the cut bleeds heavily into his eyes, cannot continue the fight. Harvey Keitel fits perfectly as Feraud and together with his role in ‘Bad Lieutenant’ makes him a brilliant the duellists 1977.

It may have been in Joseph Ellis’ Founding Brothers. Something that is often lost in bigger scale fight scenes is the tension and dynamics that is excellently brought forth here.

The Duellists

Ever since, keitel has developed a reputation for his willingness to work with new directors. The new Musketeers movie coming up looks like it promises to be an abomination. Tom Conti as Jacquin. Retrieved 5 February Robert Stephens as Gen. The duellists 1977 of traps and crap but it seems we are going through a period of movies where a strong willed woman is interjected into an impossible situation. Also similar to ‘Barry Lyndon’ is the fine use of the zoom lens.

I shall never again do what you demand of me. Start your free trial.