Then, as if the feel wasn’t vintage enough already, ‘Goodbye Ghosts’ treats us to a jubilant rock’n’roll number complete with some classic piano action. This is like a jigsaw puzzle of influences, an odd organ noise here, a riff there that you can trace right back to somewhere behind us. These New Zealanders have always been in the back of everyone’s minds as purveyors of the most raucus rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe it wouldn’t be so obvious had the better tracks been sprinkled throughout the album rather all at the beginning. Interviews Articles Under the Influence. Without abandoning any of their longstanding touchstones — from ’70s style acid-soaked cuts, to shoot-from-the-hip garage band tunes, to rambling, blues-inflected jams — New Zealand hard rock stalwarts the Datsuns deliver some of the catchiest, balls-out exuberant, and sonically epic tracks they’ve ever committed to record on ‘s Death Rattle Boogie. Loud, frantic, tight and heart-poundingly exciting, they were the perfect introduction to live music at the tender age of

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What an ungrateful douche, eh? Another filler track is ‘Helping Hands’, although it keeps the excitement coming with an upbeat punk tempo, while ‘Hole in Your Head’ and ‘Fools Gold’ are sadly a little weak, definitely the laziest tracks on the album by a mile and not half as powerful as the rest, lacking in soaring notes and the usual pizzazz. The middle of the Death Rattle Boogie betrays a little tiredness and a loss of ideas; all the formulaeic parts are still there.

Album Review: The Datsuns – Death Rattle Boogie

Teh such is the slinky ‘Wander The Night’, which sounds like the sort of thing you’d find being played in some smoky jazz back room in a Robert Rodriguez film. Cheesy by necessity, it’s still an undeniably fun romp, and sports one of the best solos on the album.


Honky-tonk piano on ‘Goodbye Ghosts’ brings back a bit of excitement, but ‘Colour of the Moon’ drops again – it’s as though they got a bit tired halfway through this mammoth track session.

On the evidence of boogiw as good as this, the answer is honestly ‘no’. This is great, but it also means their scope is pretty narrow – there’s a sort of predictability to a lot of the songs here, and on occasion it can sound a bit rehashed and stale.

But it’s still good – maybe just re-order the way your iTunes plays things and all will be fine. A great place to leave us, just wanting more.

Datsuns: Death Rattle Boogie | Midheaven Mailorder

Death Rattle Te sadly ends on a slight let-down. Comments Subscribe with RSS. The Datsuns know what they are, and they know what they like. Hole in Your Head. Then, as if the feel wasn’t vintage enough already, ‘Goodbye Ghosts’ treats us to a jubilant rock’n’roll number complete with some classic datsuna action. Their debut album was packed to the brim with full-on hits like ‘Sittin’ Pretty’, ‘In Love’ and the fabulous glam-tastic ‘Harmonic Generator’.

A decade of Drukqs: Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

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Over ten years since they formed, there teh little the retro-influenced Datsuns could have done to blow our minds except perhaps, as the title of Death Rhe Boogie implies, shake their fists at their maker in one defiant gesture and deliver the best album of their career. They play as the datsuns death rattle boogie as a noose but feel as loose as the Stooges moral stance on drugs.

The driving rhythm and wah-wah riifs on ‘Gold Halo’ are like those ‘Harmonic Generator’ days all over again. Anyway, that pre-amble serves to illustrate the bittersweet combination of excitement and tje the prospect of listening to their new boovie, the bodaciously-titled Death Rattle Boogiethe datsuns death rattle boogie in me. This was my watershed moment, my very own lightning bolt cliche, very sweaty, very beer-stenched, very real. Music like this is meant to be blasted deatb the garden as you drink beer and whiskey and laugh at your friends making utter fools of themselves.


Interviews Articles Under the Influence. Luke Howard – More Heart Stories. Skull Full of Bone. The latter is pleasingly stripped back, at least compared to the rest of the record, saving its fireworks for a big, pulsing chorus. Adrian Bloxham gives it a listen for Louder Than War. If you continue to use this bogie we will assume that you are happy with it. And then, through the machinations of the gods, my fickle teenage heart or whatever else, I just stopped listening to them.

Elsewhere, the Datsuns dive headlong into a handful of sock-to-the-gut anthems including the rollicking, country and juke-joint piano piece “Goodbye Ghosts,” the propulsive “Skull Full of Bone,” and the slinky and psychedelic “Colour of the Moon.

Death Rattle Boogie – The Datsuns | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

It’s elementally divine, and the band knows it – they give it a full six minutes to squeeze out all its sex appeal. Please enable JavaScript the datsuns death rattle boogie your browser to use the site fully. With soaring vocals on ‘Bullseye’ and double-layering in ‘Skull Full of Bone’, there’s some maturity and prettiness creeping in, signs of growing despite still having those rock formulas to hand.

These New Zealanders have always been in the back of everyone’s minds as purveyors of the most raucus rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not the strongest on the album, but prepare yourself for more te noise.