In episodic chapters, the yetis, despite their intention to remain inconspicuous, engage in heroic acts in each place they travel through, including freeing mistreated animals from a zoo and rescuing a boy lost in the Alps. The illustrations scattered throughout the book from Fiona Robinson add a level of humor and aid the imagination perfectly, without overwhelming the reader. More books like this. Agatha decides they are no longer safe from tourists and she elicits Con’s help to get them to her home in England. See 1 question about The Abominables….

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Parent of a 7 year old Written by cagey11 August 2, And what a fantastical world Eva Ibbotson created. But they are unable to control a tendency to go overboard with certain aspects of their etiquette. Cut to the present day, and a much older Lady The abominables by eva ibbotson, who upon humans discovering proof of the existence of Yetis begin to worry about her ibbltson and family.

But then I got to that bit at the end where view spoiler [Father sees Aggie, and is “unbearably moved” because she looks exactly like Lady Agatha did a hundred years ago, when he first carried her off hide spoiler ] and it just seemed so achingly apt that I had to shed a quiet tear or two.

But will royal help arrive in time to rescue the rarest and most fantastic, supernatural creatures England has ever seen? Boys and evs alike will love its oddball humour, and while the book does convey a clear message about respecting those who are not the same as us, it is never preachy or heavy-handed. Lady Agatha Farlingham is stolen by the father Yeti when she is camping out with her Dad there.


I wish I the abominables by eva ibbotson a yeti friend or maybe just a simple-minded yak. Still, it’s easy enough to forgive the overly earnest messages, forgive the fantastic implausibilities, and enjoy the yetis, the children, and the adventures.

Bigfoots Sasquatches are so cool. Her publishers see pretty much a finished product when she sends the manuscript. Bg was born in Vienna, Austria, in One day, he decides to warn the yetis about the humans, discovers their valleys, and comes up with a slightly wild plan to transport them to England in a refrigerated semi-truck.

I remember reading, and absolutely loving, Eva Ibbotson’s debut novel, The Great Ghost Rescue in Swedish translation as a kid and have since revisited the original to my utter delightand I am kbbotson to read it together with my seven-year-old in the near future. This the abominables by eva ibbotson will have you smiling the whole way through. Another Ibbotson road trip that will have you alternately laughing and crying is One Dog and His Boy.

The illustrations by Fiona Robinson are a charming addition, and perfectly match the tone of the tale. There’s some sly humor in this book, which explains Charles’ very brief appearance.

I’ve got my doubts about her now.

The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson – review | Books | The Guardian

Arriving eventually at Farley Towers, the yetis find it occupied by abominablee ghastly Hunters’ Club, who arrange to make them the game in an Antarctic shoot. She spends a long and happy life there, teaching the endearing yetis English speech and good manners, and telling them captivating stories.


Abokinables love the humanity and care in her books. A previously unpublished work from this favorite abominqbles, The Abominables follows a family of yetis who are forced, by tourism, to leave their home in the Himalayas and make their way across Europe to a possible new home.

The yeti are innocent and good, large numbers of the humans they run into are not. However, there is quite a bit about animal rights and cruelty so some of the youngest set might be upset by.

The Abominables

She attended Bedford College, graduating in ; Cambridge University from ; and the University of Durham, from which she graduated with a diploma in education in How old is your kid? Search the site Search term is required.

I was intrigued and just had to read it. Jan 26, Terrence rated it it was amazing Shelves: Many decades later danger threatens, and the yetis have to flee their idyllic home. But even if people like me do insist on calling The Abominables didactic, why is didactic a bad yhe And then there is the young boy Con, and his sister Ellen, who take it upon themselves to transport the Yetis to England and Lady Agatha’s childhood home, Farley Towers.

Children and teenagers Adventure books children and teens Children’s books: So, it’s up to a small band of humans to rescue the sweet creatures.