Restrict cost center planning to specific cost elements. Choose two Statistical key figures are created at company code level Yes we need to maintain the same again in Profit center accounting No it is not required Statistical key figures are created at controlling area level. Creating a lock amount on the control tab in the cost center master data. Use different planning areas. Original name plus user-defined suffix Original name plus system-defined suffix System-defined prefix plus original name User-defined prefix plus original name. Which data do you need to set up an accrual calculation with the percentage method? The method to allocate direct costs to the cost estimates.


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A customer complains that in various Fl postings both fields, cost center and internal order, are mandatory. Determine the usage of cost centers for certain methods of activity allocation.

TFIN20 PDF required in SAP FICO

Which of the following statements are correct? While working tfiin20 account assignments, you need to follow certain rules. The customer wants to show the value flow of activity allocations between cost centers assigned to different profit centers. What do you need to check to resolve the issue?

Template allocation Work in progress Settlement Results analysis.

Restrict cost center planning to specific cost elements. Both cost centers and internal orders have accidentally been set to “mandatory” in the “status variant” field group “additional account assignment”.


Management Accounting (CO) I

You want to save your previous standard cost center hierarchy from for reporting purposes and create a new one for Assessment of posted amounts based on any value field of the market segments. In each posting item, you can specify up to four statistical Controlling Objects in addition to the tfiin20 Controlling Object.

What does the planner profile in cost center accounting determine? Secondary cost element category 31 as accrual cost element. When we change the master data fields for a particular timeframe, the system creates a new master record containing the new master record for this period.

The method to allocate direct costs to the cost estimates. The posting has to be manually reconciled via reconciliation ledger with FI. Which object can be a direct receiver of a tfon20 center distribution? Valuate semi finished, finished goods realistically Revenues can tfin02 posted directly to cost center Measuring the cost efficiency at various area of organization.

Management Accounting (CO) I

Choose two User responsible Hierarchy area Description Company code. Carry out a reconciliation run for activities types in the new GL.


Sigue en facebook las noticias y los mejores tests de daypo apretando en ‘Me gusta’. A company wants to prevent postings of more than EUR on cost centers by generating an error message. Cost center master record Controlling area Standard hierarchy Cost element master record. Expenses in Finance which are relevant to cost accounting hfin20 recorded in controlling using Secondary expenses elements Secondary cost elements Primary cost elements Primary expenses elements.


Fast Lane – TFIN20

To determine overheads, we use the indirect costs that were posted to the order. Cost center is linked to company code as Chart of accounts is linked to the same company code. What does the customer have to configure? A customer has a cost centers each with about different primary cost elements. It can be created without hfin20 respective general ledger existing in Operational charts of accounts. Choose two Accrual settlement rules with percentage method.

Cost center can be defaulted in all FI line items in all GL accounts Cost center can be defaulted in GL accounts provided it is assigned to company code.


In July, the headcount is reduced to 8 employees for the rest of the year. Which of the following combinations make business sense?


Do we need to maintain the same?