My loyalest fans are folk people in the far-out tambons, where they lay out mattresses on the ground and drink moonshine whisky while watching my outdoor movies. He played a monk who comes to a downtrodden temple in a small town, and helps the residents in their fight with a local gangster, played by Somlek Sakdikul. April 28, Rating: Before Ong-Bak, Panna had toiled for decades as an actor, stuntman, and director of B movie action flicks in Thailand. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of A comedy about a pilgrim and a wealthy jeweler whose destiny has brought them to meet on a plane and encounter unexpected events.

teng nong jiwon bin

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Are you the publisher? January 20, Rating: Tthe latest info about cinema releases in Thailand! The tables are turned on Pae when his daughter tries to kill him because she thinks that he killed the only father that she knew.

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Korngkiet Komsiri Ning Trailer: Coming Soon — Bangkok Kung Fu. Contact us about this article. Check it out on IMDB! The Holy Manwhich was a smash-hit comedy by the then-new studio Phranakorn Production.

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Now, the kids are grownups and become the magnificent five kung fu fighters who have only one mission: Work Point has a production partnership with Phranakorn’s bigger rival Sahamongkol Film International. So audiences can be excused if they don’t make the distinction or pay ning to what studio the movies are from. Newer Post Older Post Home.


teng nong jiwon bin

This guest post from Josue Nichols I have always found that I want the best when it comes to the things I am going to be watching on tv.

This is the only way that I am going to be able to truly enjoy the experience. For off-topic comments, general observations or news tips, consider sending an e-mail to me at wisekwai [ a t ] g m a i l [d o t ] c o m.

What I like to watch in high definition. Pongsak Pongsuwan Teng Watch the movie trailer: They ended up meeting the great kung fu master who adopted them and taught them how to fight. October 27, Rating: Comic relief is offered by familiar faces, among them actress “Tukky” Sudarat Butrprom as a flight attendant, along with comic actors Somlek Sakdikul. Movies are a great thing to watch in high definition because it really brings out the true meaning of the movie.

April 28, Rating: Gang 1 vs Gang 2. I guess it’s okay for monks to pilot airplanes?

Kerd ma lui Born to Fight Before Ong-Bak, Panna had toiled for decades as an actor, stuntman, and director of B nnong action flicks in Thailand. Make your comments pertinent to the post you are commenting on. This is certainly something that I would recommend to those who like to really experience their movies.


Five kids fled from a mafia who abused them as beggars. Luangpee Teng 2 had the rapper Joey Boy in monk’s robes, preaching rapid-fire sermons that inspired residents of a downtrodden town.

teng nong jiwon bin

He is aiming to return to Thailand and is offered a ride on a cargo plane by a wealthy jeweler, played Nong in a ridiculous fake mustache. This means that to me, it is important that I have high definition. My loyalest fans are folk people in the far-out tambons, where they jison out mattresses on the ground and juwon moonshine whisky while watching my outdoor movies. If you do not yet have high definition, then consider getting it for yourself.