A whole new genre of pack explodes in popularity. Ruan nery 20 de junho de We only have brighter days ahead to look forward to beyond the work we are doing now. Elfo Daninho 25 de abril de Don’t feel like a jerk. Verifica se ta com Java 8 instalado, se tiver vc vai ter que desinstalar, baixar e instalar o Java 7. Huge whitelist size especially with filters I generally consider the filters a bad workaround to the bigger problem of having so many impossible-to-easily-categorize-without-abusing-internal-engine-stuffs I try to do my best using the GregoriousT-“enforced” unofficial-but-mostly-adopted oredict notation items in one game.

technic pack sp 1.5.2

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Visit our Help Center and search for solution Over 40 different topics. I hear techjic robots are very cool if your into that kinda thing again, not my thing, would rather run a wire then wait on a robot. Technic took care of that. We got attached to a small subset of mods.

Minecraft Dragon Ball Z ModPack || Technic Launcher || YoshisPlanet – video dailymotion

I think some first big mods like IndustrialCraft were created during beta too. Don’t worry you can still use Direct Download. Yes, but I was trying to make a point to someone who named features as BuildCraft’s main “exclusive thing”, not execution of said features. Minecraft’s internals got overhauled, and the rework begins again. I remember coming back, looking at Tinkers’ Construct, and being happy that it was an open source license.


It sucked because nobody wanted to pick it up for a while. Paack was our saddest moment. Clearly your work still has some staying power.

Me ajuda Noturno por favor: A new era of minecraft mods. Packs routinely break mods without problems.

technic pack sp 1.5.2

Rezende Vini 8 de maio de Thermal Expansion didn’t exist back then. Some innovation kept happening but really unless you were a cheaper, more powerful, more efficent version of something else you didn’t stand a chance. And CJB’s mods, now that I think about it.

technic pack sp 1.5.2

Mods were working together amazingly, new possibilities around every corner, content was pouring through as everyone remade old ideas like never before while exploring who new ideas.

Luis Gustavo 25 de novembro de Besides having id limits, sprite limits we also had incompatibilities from various other errors with almost no way of learning why no yechnic, etc.

[1.5.2] Minecraft Has No Sounds

We started seeing modpacks right around here. The lucky have survived and new mods are filling in the gaps even today.

Most mods just unified under a single power system. Mano tenta reinstalar o JAVA http: Mods were weird and not really designed to be ran together, my fovorite mods of the time were Spider Queen, Fairies Mod, and that one mod that let you tame hamsters and give them armor to fight for lack.


Slight expansions on vanilla play, conservation of fuel, ore doubling, and sorting and routing. Everyone played with ssp mods and there wasn’t much of a division among the players from what I remember. I just remember BC as always being that mod that was crashing the server.

Noturno me ajuda quando eu abro um modpack nao sai som nenhum eu jaolhai no mixer de volumes do computador no som da minecraft mas nao adianta.

Cenourinha loko 1 de maio de This sub-reddit was originally created for discussion around FTB launcher. Log in or sign up in seconds. Everything is buggy as hell with constant crashes, and after a while I eventually give up on it after having a few hechnic corrupted.

Pack makers are able to craft extremely detailed experiences with the wide variety of mods available and the ease of placement. Yeah, that timeline kinda starts at the era of modpacks; there’s still plenty of history before then.