Due to some turn of events when she loses her present job, she gets into another one as a personal assistant of Samir. Its not like one of those books where you have to keep a Sep 03, Jignasha rated it it was ok. Her interests are as diverse as her several academic degrees, which include an internationally recognized qualification from UK in portraiture. Apart from writing, Shenoy teaches underprivileged children English and Mathematics. Its not always quality that sells wink The story is so very mundane, that there is absolutely nothing to look forward to as you turn the pages of the book.

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Samir comes to the rescue again.

It also gives a rather happy if not illusionary picture that life can be a bed of roses even when your husband of eight years decides to move on. I felt as if I am the one who underwent watevr that was narrated after completing the book. Fiction Literature Publication Details Publisher: Even the second one was fine”. All that changes when her name is pulled out of a draw to go to an important function.

It tries to push the envelope in some ways, but the general impressions is very trite and contrived. One thing that I liked about the book is that the author has tried to make the reader understand the situations of both Samir tra Nisha.

Piecee my review in a different way without exposing the story. A very good page turner The simplicity in the book wins you over. Random House Publishers India Pvt. About Preeti Shenoy Preeti Shenoy is a bestselling author, poet, blogger and artist.


Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake – Preeti Shenoy – Google Books

Flipping through the first half introduced me to a dozen ditzy characters headed by a protagonist who ‘feels desirable’ only when her self-loathing, self-bodyshaming, inferiority complex ridden, plump self is shoved inside a slutty dress, who indulges in drunken sex the worst kindIMHO, since it shrugs off the onus of ‘choice’ – and she does it with ‘a man way beyond her dreams’ who leaves her ‘feeling complete for the first time ever.

I suggest to the readersI if any one wants gripping, fast novels specially new. The topsy-turvy narration of the story and the way each events unfolds layer by layer would definitely appeal the readers. View all articles by Divya. It was in the top five bestsellers list in India for Just write to us to get reviewed.

Preeti Shenoy, among the top five highest selling authors in India, is also on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities in India. Due to some turn of events when she loses her present job, she gets into another one as a personal assistant of Samir.

And it was a smooth read which I did enjoy. Nov 28, Abhinayam ganesh rated it really liked it. My Way Is the Highway.

Being a literature person I could not resist asking her to give me the book just to scroll. If I talk about story it went well when Nisha starts her own business but then going to Pondicherry and later part where she agrees to stay with Aakash is interesting. A piece of cake indeed. These small moments are what make life worthwhile.


As she and twp kids get adjusted to the new routine, Akash, an old friend of Nisha from her first job enters their lives. If you are looking for a new, light and refreshing read, definitely go for this one! Soon, she finds herself drawn more and more towards Samir; being good at her work definitely helps her.

Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake

She out of the blue meets the hunk Sameer Sharma, the owner of a hotshot travel agency Magellan, and they fall in love with each other head over heels, ending up in getting married and having two beautiful children.

At twenty-six, she is plump, plain-looking and without a boyfriend. The story is so unique to what I read now-a-days. There is always that ONE friend you can depend. A look at the history of Dor cuisine before some big Influences.